IPOMIp Operations and Management
IPOMInsanity Palace of Metallica (fansite)
IPOMIntelligence Program Objective Memorandum (US DoD)
IPOMIntraabdominal Peritoneal Onlay Mesh Repair
IPOMIP-Oriented Operations and Management (workshop)
IPOMIdaho Peace Officers' Memorial (Meridian, ID)
IPOMInstituut voor Productie- en Onderhouds- Management
IPOMInstituts Pasteur Outre Mer (French: Overseas Pasteur Institutes)
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The study is to compare laparoscopy technique of Hybrid vs totally laparoscopic IPOM technique for Small, Large and Recurrent ventral hernias and compare duration of surgery, analgesia, stay at hospital, return work and complications.
Of the 43 patients who underwent mesh repair, 23 patients underwent open mesh repair using Prolene mesh, 12 patients underwent laparoscopic IPOM using composite dual side mesh (Ethicon Physiomesh flexible composite mesh), and eight underwent open IPOM using a Ventralex ST hernia patch.
IPOM techniques are widely used to treat incisional [9] as well as parastomal hernia.
* Suture the intestine and continue with an IPOM repair of the
An Efficient Flow Control Algorithm for Multi-rate Multicast Networks // IPOM 2004: 2004 IEEE Workshop on IP Operations and Management proceedings: self-measurement & self-management of IP networks & services.--Beijing, China, 2004.--P.
For a laparoscopic repair or open intra-abdominal placement of mesh (IPOM), you're putting the mesh inside the abdomen, so you need a mesh that is not going to cause a lot of adhesions or fistula formation to the underlying bowel or viscera.
The inter-microaggregate POM was isolated from the fine sand, the intra-microaggregate POM (iPOM), and the silt + clay fraction within the microaggregates by density flotation with 1.85 g/[cm.sup.3] of sodium polytungstate (SPT) (Sometu Europe, Germany) following a procedure very similar to that used by Six et al.
[10] A first attempt was made by applying a synthetic mesh to the peritoneal defective wall which was called IPOM (Intraperitoneal onlay mesh).
LVHR was first done by Karl LeBlanc in 1992.1 He performed Intraperitoneal onlay mesh repair (IPOM) reported short hospital stay, 0 9% recurrence and less complications.
The dispersed fractions were combined to form 2 fractions: intra-aggregate particulate organic matter >53 [micro]m (iPOM) and intra-aggregate mineral associated C <53 [micro]m (imSOC).