IPONIntelligent Passive Optical Network
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12 January 2011 - Swedish security services group Securitas AB (STO: SECU B) said today it has bought 85% of sector player Adria Ipon Security of Herzegovina at an enterprise value of SEK17m, strengthening its position in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
A "bad" omen (angai raat), correspondingly, may be spoken of as follows: musu diri ('you are your own enemy'); suat ala diri ('you will become a loser'); suat rumo manang ('[you'll] allow [suffer] your rival to win'); rumo kanon ('your adversary gets [devours] you'); rumo rakon ('your opponent laughs'); rumo nggirak di-diri ('your opponent laughs at you'); angai rumo ('your opponent's omen'); diri suat sosol ('you'll be forced to rue'); diri nyosol ('you'll rue'); diri andi moncoi ('it's not good for you'); ipon diri ncisi or incisi ipon mu ('your teeth will be bared').
Another called Ipon, meaning savings in Tagalog, allows you to set a goal and take weekly challenges to meeting it.
Georgiev was later dismissed from this post by then CSBOP Director, Kiril Radev, on grounds of ties with organized crime groups only to become Executive Director of Borisov's private security company IPON. He is currently Chief Secretary of the State Agency for National Security, DANS.
MARTIN BARRAS Courses Aintree, Cheltenham,Y ork, Haydock,R ipon,D oncaster, Newcastle, Ayrand Perth, bettingasMartin(N ewc) Yearsinthetrade ten People saythe betting ringis dying.
Swedish security solutions provider Securitas (STO:SECU B) on Wednesday said it had purchased 85% in Bosnian security services firm Adria Ipon Security, with the option to buy the residual 15%.
"Medyo ipon muna tayo (Let us meanwhile store water),'' Sevilla said.
'The ongoing Dagdag Ipon Raffle Promo urges our members to upgrade their savings.
"In the police report, there are three sentences in the bottom, informing that Tsvetelina Borislavova lives with Boyko Borisov, head of the private security company IPON. And, as you know, the cases are codenamed; someone gave it the name Buddha.
The officer, who has written and signed the proposal, is Mladen Georgiev, the current Chief Secretary of the State Agency for National Security, DANS, and former Director of Borisov's private security company IPON.
Before that, Borisov's security firm Ipon was in charge of guarding Saxe-Coburg during his visit to Bulgaria in the 1990s.