IPONIntelligent Passive Optical Network
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In the police report, there are three sentences in the bottom, informing that Tsvetelina Borislavova lives with Boyko Borisov, head of the private security company IPON.
The officer, who has written and signed the proposal, is Mladen Georgiev, the current Chief Secretary of the State Agency for National Security, DANS, and former Director of Borisov's private security company IPON.
San Jose based IPON Productions introduces "In Pursuit of Nothing," the Seinfeld trivia game that includes an interactive DVD with hundreds of trivia questions based on the exploits and follies of Jerry Seinfeld (star of the current box office smash "Bee Movie"), George Costanza, Cosmo Kramer, Elaine Benes and the rest of the Seinfeld gang.