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IPPInternet Presence Provider
IPPInternet Printing Protocol
IPPIntegrated Performance Primitives
IPPIntegrated Product Policy (EU)
IPPIndependent Power Producer
IPPInnovative Partnerships Program (NASA)
IPPIndividual Program Plan
IPPIntellectual Property Protection
IPPInformation Privacy Principles
IPPImage Pro-Plus
IPPIsopentenyl Pyrophosphate (mycobacterial antigen)
IPPInstitute for Public Policy
IPPInstitute of Payroll Professionals (UK)
IPPIndependent Power Plant
IPPImmediate Past President
IPPIndividual Pension Plan
IPPInduratio Penis Plastica (urological disease)
IPPIstituto per la Protezione delle Piante (Italy)
IPPÍndice de Precios al Productor
IPPInstitute of Plasma Physics
IPPInstitute of Particle Physics
IPPInterpreter Preparation Program
IPPIntermountain Power Project (Delta, UT, USA)
IPPInternational Phytosanitary Portal
IPPIncome Protection Plan
IPPInflatable Penile Prosthesis
IPPInstallation Protection Program
IPPIndividual Performance Plan
IPPIndividual Partnership Program
IPPIntegrated Planning Process
IPPIn-Place Protection (Singapore Civil Defence Force)
IPPImpot sur les Personnes Physiques (French)
IPPIndustrial Preparedness Program
IPPIonospheric Pierce Point (Global Positioning System)
IPPImaging Photopolarimeter
IPPIntegrated Program Plan
IPPIdentifiable Parent Property
IPPInvestment Protection Program
IPPIntegrated Plotting Package (environment)
IPPInter-Pulse Period
IPPIndependent Payphone Provider
IPPIndustrial Partners Program
IPPImpact Point Prediction
IPPImplementation Planning Program
IPPInternational Pension Plan
IPPIndividual Power Plant (ecology)
IPPInstitute for Physical Problems
IPPIndustrial Preparedness Planning
IPPInternal Policies and Procedures
IPPInitial Planning Point
IPPInitially Prepared Plan (water planning)
IPPIsopentenil Pirofosfato (Spanish)
IPPInter-Media Priority Pollutant
IPPInterference Progression Planner
IPPIntercultural Psychiatric Program
IPPInstitute of Professional Psychologists (Sri Lanka)
IPPInternational Press Publications Inc.
IPPInternationally Protected Person
IPPInternational Police Program
IPPInfirmité Permanente Partielle (French: Permanent Partial Disability)
IPPIntegrated Project Planning
IPPIndigenous Partnerships Program
IPPIdentity Protection Program
IPPIkatan Petani Pancasila (Pancasila Farmers Association)
IPPIntroduction to Parallel Processing
IPPImport Performance Page
IPPIndustrial Plastics & Paints
IPPInstallation-Provided Property (NASA)
IPPInternational Phototelegraph Position (Itu-T)
IPPInternal Penile Pump (erectile dysfunction)
IPPInitial Production Parts
IPPImplementation Program Planning
IPPIslamic Party of the Philippines
IPPInstitute Panos Paris
IPPImmediate Priority Pollutant
IPPImpact Prediction Point
IPPInitial Perceivability Probability (radar tracking)
IPPInvestment and Implementation Plan (finance)
IPPIndividual Progression Planning
IPPInformation Processing Protocol
IPPIngreja Presbitariana de Planalto
IPPImage and Press Processors
IPPIntroduction to Progress Programming
IPPInternational Property Policy
IPPInteractive Personnel Payroll
IPPInternal Papillomatosis of Parrots
IPPInterface Package Process
IPPInternet Petition for Prayer
IPPInternet Publishing Project
IPPIndividual Placement Project
IPPInternational Private Pension
IPPInternet Payment Protocol (standard for Internet payments; Nethow Interactive)
IPPIntermediate Punishment Plan (corrections)
IPPIn-Plant Profile
IPPIrving Pulp and Paper Limited (Saint John, NB, Canada)
IPPInfertility Prevention Project (US CDC)
IPPIntellectual Property Portfolio
IPPIllness Prevention Program
IPPInternational PhD Program (various universities)
IPPIndustry Partnership Programme (various organizations)
IPPIndustry Partnership Program (various organizations)
IPPIndonesian Parrot Project (est. 2004)
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It should be noted that any applicants that are involved with M&E provision and support to current IPP projects will be excluded from the tender to prevent conflict of interest between multiple clients.
The IPP, which takes effect this week, will include both horizontal and vertical housing projects that cost no more than P3 million (and depending on geographical location)," said Armenia Ballesteros, president of Subdivision and Housing Developers Association, the country's largest organization of housing developers.
IPP Logipal's pallets, which are perfectly suited to Wagg's automated palletising processes, are used to deliver a range of pet food products to customers across the UK.
Agip in February 2001 signed a memorandum of understanding with NEPA for a gas-fired IPP to be built in Nigeria and to cost about $240m.
The Parole Board has recently published its strategic plan to take it to through the next four years to 2020, and one of the 5 over-arching aims is directly focused on the progression of IPP prisoners where it is safe to do so.
We will present the IPP on Friday (during a public consultation)," Cristobal said.
The IPP is a list of priority investment activities that may be given incentives.
The 2017 IPP aspires to promote investments in preferred economic activities and sectors that will have direct and positive impact on the lives of the Filipinos,' the draft read.
Thorne's solicitor Bill Cordingley, of Cardiff solicitors Morgan Criminal Law, said: "We have a number of prisoners still in jail on IPP sentences and Jason's case is the worst in terms of the length of time he has remained in jail.
This IPP year's theme is "Industry Development and Inclusive Growth.
As per PEPCO, WAPDA acquires 6902 megawatt electricity from hydro sources, 5458 megawatt from Thermal GENCOs, 195 megawatt from IPP hydal, 8793 from IPP Thermal, 650 megawatt from nuclear energy and 106 megawatt from wind sources.
IPP prisoners could be jailed for any one of 153 categories of crimes.