IPPANIndependent Power Producers' Association Nepal (Kathmandu, Nepal)
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The earthquake, IPPAN president Bista said, "Turned out to be the most devastating blow to Nepal's energy sector after the Maoist war."
The listener hears the gender complementarity of mobile and immobile not as productive and conducive to ippan doon (togetherness) but rather as destructive and isolating.
"Lay participant" (shiho seido ni sanka suru ippan no kokumin) refers to general citizens without a legal background who participate in the judicial process.
Ippan denki jigyo kaisha no shasai hakko gendo ni kansuru tokureiho [Special law concerning corporate debt issuance limits for general electric companies], Law No.
(2.) The Japanese data are proxied by general beds (Ippan Byosho).
A think-tank of the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (RENGO), the Research Institute for Advancement of Living Standards (RIALS), the National Confederation of Trade Unions (Zenroren) and the National Union of General Workers (Ippan Roso) all took the initiative to express their support for the open-door policy (Komai 1995).
The general grade structures applied in Japan existed in the plants we visited, with five main grades (Senior manager, bucho; Manager, kacho; Supervisor, kakaricho; Team leader, hancho and Operator, ippan or hira) and subcategories within them.
The MAFF budget accounted for 4.6 percent of all General Account (GA) spending in 1988; the share of general or policy expenditures (ippan saishutsu), calculated by subtracting debt payments and local allocation taxes from the GA budget, amounted to 8.6 percent.
(2.) MOF, "Dai 5 hyo, Meiji 26 nendo iko ippan kaikei saishutsu shokan betsu yosan" (Table 5, general account expenditure budget by ministry or agency from 1894 on), at www.mof.go.jp/jouhou/syukei/zaiseitoukei/05.xls.
Three types of budgets are discussed and approved by the parliament rather than the overall national budget as such: the general account (Ippan kaikei), the special accounts comprising 38 separate funds each with its own budget, and the budgets of government-affiliated agencies.