IPPBXInternet Protocol Private Branch Exchange
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IPPBX solution helps empower staff to work from remote locales, by providing greater scalability, flexibility at a lesser cost.
This could be a signal that the momentum in the IPPBX market is beginning to gather.
VoIP Unlimited, a provider of Business SIP Trunk telephone services, has been officially approved by electronics company Samsung for use of its business SIP trunking service on the Samsung OfficeServ IPPBX (v4.
Earlier this year, Grandstream also announced successful Skype Connect[TM] certification for its IPPBX and gateways.
Like other models in our surveillance line, these products also offer bi-directional SIP/VoIP calling capabilities with Grandstream's entire voice-over-IP and video-over-IP line including IP phones, video phones and IPPBX system.
IIS offers a complete suite of voice services, including SIP Trunking, Hosted VoIP and IPPBX.
telephone over IP from the vessels: Bourbon has chosen a homogeneous IP telephony solution, based on the Business Talk IP, where the conventional PABX is replaced by a central IPPBX delivering all the benefits associated with these unified messaging systems: number portability, click to call, operational guarantees with its back-up system, flexible billing (consolidated, by site, etc.
Included in their portfolio of voice services are local and long distance telephone solutions, 800 numbers, prepaid and postpaid cards with worldwide coverage, audio conferencing, hosted IPPBX and virtual telephone lines, among others.
The company's products provide a comprehensive range of applications, including calling cards, Hosted IPPBX, IP Centrex, Vonage-like and Skype-like services.
Service design and creation of an infrastructure of access and communication for voice and data, IPPBX.
G-Tek produces private-label traditional PBX, IPPBX, Analog/Digital/IP phones/Wi-Fi-GSM wireless handsets for major RBOCs (Regional Bell Operating Companies) and major telecom resellers in North America, Canada, and Europe.
The new system provides a compact, cost-effective platform for evaluating and developing wireless basestation (WiMAX and 3G), IMS, MSPP, and IPPBX applications.