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IPPCIntegrated Pollution Prevention and Control
IPPCInternational Plant Protection Convention (treaty)
IPPCIntegrated Plant Protection Center (Oregon State University)
IPPCInternational Plasma Protein Congress
IPPCInfrastructure Payments and Progress Committee
IPPCInternational Pulsed Power Conference (IEEE)
IPPCIntegrated Policy Prevention Control
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Key words: Regulatory measures, quarantine pest, rice seed, harmonization, ECOWAS, IPPC
In this study we computed the IPPC (Buyer's Perceived Inflation Index) in order to approximate the perceptions of consumer price inflation in Costa Rica from July 2006 to December 2012.
The IPPC report says: "He has not been given this qualification by any recognised professional organisation and it is not a qualification that is known to exist.
Mission possible: food for all through appropriate plant protection' was the headline of the IPPC.
With the change from PPDDL used in IPPCs 2004, 2006, and 2008 to RDDL used in IPPCs 2011 and 2014, the field of competitors and winning methods have shifted substantially.
The procedures for filing complaints before the IPPC have simplified matters procedurally.
The IPPC, one of significant international conventions on agriculture, was signed in 1951 and ratified in 1952.
As this quote illustrates, a unique aspect of the educational philosophy guiding both the IPPC curriculum and its retreats has been the acknowledgment of the powerful and mutual learning that can occur across traditional boundaries, including between health care professionals and family members (Browning & Solomon, 2006).
So a student can appear for the IPPC in his/ her BCom final year now for pursuing articleship.
Dunlop adds that the move reveals how seriously China wants to be taken in terms of adhering to international standards for packaging among nations belonging to the IPPC.
NICK Hardwick, the head of the police complaints watchdog, the IPPC, has called for a national debate on crowd control.
THE CONFEDERATION of the Food and Drink Industries of the EU (CIAA) fears a vote by the European Parliament on reforming the European Union's IPPC directive (integrated prevention and control) could lead to "a rigid implementation of the BAT (best available techniques) reference documents" rules governing allowable pollution controls.