IPPFInternational Planned Parenthood Federation
IPPFInternational Professional Practices Framework (Institute of Internal Auditors)
IPPFIndependent Power Producers Forum (Hong Kong)
IPPFInfrastructure Project Preparation Facility
IPPFInternational Penal and Penitentiary Foundation
IPPFInstruction Preprocessing Function
IPPFIndependent Partition Particle Filter
IPPFIndividual Peak Profile Fitting
IPPFIndian Pension Plan Funding (Canada)
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In total, nearly EU2 million in PPP preparation development costs are being allocated between the EBRD's IPPF and IFC Advisory.
Burkhart and Rees are both members of the IPPF Dental Advisory Council, providing feedback to the IPPF Awareness Program, which aims to reduce pemphigus and pemphigoid diagnostic delays.
In its latest report, IPPF claims to have contributed to over 950 legislative or policy changes concerning abortion and contraception worldwide since 2005.
Delos Santos also noted the agricultural potential of IPPF for rice, coffee and fruit bearing trees, considering its vast 23,000 hectare reservation.
The remainder of this article will overview the recently revised IPPF that was launched in July 2015 and demonstrate how the requirements, and recommended practices, that are contained in this framework fulfill the SAS 128 requirements for an external auditor's reliance on internal audit functions.
La IPPF tambien tuvo un rol importante en America Latina, suministrando fondos y apoyo tecnico para abrir y operar organismos similares en varios paises, entre 1965 y 1968.
The study by ARBEF and IPPF examined the views about abortion held by a group of policymakers, public servants and representatives from faith-based organizations.
IPPF guidance for young people living with HIV, see: www.
Besides this regular statutory meeting, the chairperson of the federation, Kweku Brenu and Kouakou will have meetings with Namibian authorities to seek ways to strengthen the partnership between IPPF and the Namibian government.
Brad Trost (Saskatoon--Humboldt) had led the drive to get IPPF defunded in 2009.
In 2008-2009, the seven European donor countries provided less than S450 million to UNFPA, IPPF and other NGOs with SRHR at their core (Table 1.
AUSIB will partner with the Power-Gen India & Central Asia 2011 event along with the Ministry of Power, Government of India, BVAA, IPPF and EAMA.