IPPGInternational Porter Protection Group (Australia)
IPPGInter-Parties Parliamentary Group (politics; Kenya)
IPPGImproving Institutions for Pro-Poor Growth (UK; research program consortium)
IPPGIndianapolis Professional Photographers Guild (Indianapolis, IN)
IPPGIndustrial Pollution Prevention Gateway
IPPGInternational Professional Photographers Guild
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Simbi Wabote and members of the IPPG in Lagos recently.
I have also had sight of Jamie Adams' leaflet and in it he makes no mention of his role as leader of both the council and the IPPG.
Instead, when election time comes round the IPPG top brass and members go to great lengths to conceal their true colours from the voters of Pembrokeshire.
This is designed to deceive the voters of Pembrokeshire and any member of the IPPG whether in a cabinet or junior role who has produced election literature professing to be an Independent should hang their heads in shame.
IPPG hopes to sensitise others to the issue by offering endorsements to those companies that promote porter safety, and including questions about porter treatment in post-trek questionnaires.
Everyone connected with IPPG is at pains to stress that there is, and has always been, a core of responsible trekking companies that have taken porter welfare to heart, and that tourism itself is not the evil.
On the trekking porter's list of concerns, cash comes first, then safety," says Rejane Belanger, a founder member of IPPG.
To try to tackle the issue, IPPG is campaigning to raise awareness among tour operaters who often have no idea about the conditions of their porters, relying instead on sirdars to handle that end of the business.