IPPIIndustrial Product Price Index
IPPIInstitute of Professional Practice, Inc.
IPPIImage Printing Products International
IPPIITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) Practitioner Plan and Improve (exam)
IPPIIndia-Pakistan Peace Initiative
IPPIInhibitors of Protein-Protein Interactions
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IPPI = [square root of Inc/Neu/Con] Tiene en cuenta las tres condiciones de la tarea CES-E, en una escala de menor a mayor conflicto.
As there seems natural, there is a statistical correlation and a gap between two typical constructions of price index and interpreter index, IPPI and PCI.
A well respected leader in the field, IPPI has been providing services for over thirty years to those with autism and other developmental disabilities with the philosophy that service begins with a commitment to the individual.
IPPI is a private, non-profit human service and educational organization based in Vermont that provides treatment and support to persons with special and educational needs throughout Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.
in addition, BEA incorporated the BLS IPPI for terminals, storage devices, and peripheral equipment into the annual import price components and the BLS PPI for terminals into the annual domestic price components of computers for 1995 and 1996.
El uso del indice IPPI debe hacerse con cautela, porque la diferencia entre los eventos emocionalmente congruentes y los eventos neutros tiene mayor varianza y menor claridad que la diferencia en la exactitud entre ambos en comparacion con los eventos incongruentes, que presentaron medias significativamente inferiores en exactitud.
051 IPPI 1,086 0,052 IGRPe 1,084 0,105 C 1,055 0,054 CES' .
However biochemical characterization of purified or recombinant enzymes of the MVAP in insects is limited to HMGS [68], HMGR [69-71], IPPI [66, 67], and FPPS [60-65].
Se selecciono como primera aproximacion, de acuerdo con los criterios de informacion, los modelos ARMA(10,5), ARMA(12,1) y ARMA(2,7) para caracterizar respectivamente, la variacion porcentual de los ultimos doce meses de INI, IPCNR, e IPPI.
According to the Iranian Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC), IPPI is one of pioneer institutes in the field of standardization of processes and services in Iran.