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IPPMIntellectual Property Protection and Management
IPPMIp Phone Messenger
IPPMIntermediate Path Performance Monitoring
IPPMInstitute of Payroll and Pensions Management
IPPMInternet Protocol Performance Metrics (IETF)
IPPMInsect Pest Prevention and Management (Oregon)
IPPMIndustryprint Process Modeler (Deloitte)
IPPMInnovation Project Portfolio Management (various companies)
IPPMIntermediate-Path Performance Monitoring (Cisco)
IPPMIntegrated Product and Process Management
IPPMIP Phone Messenger (Cisco)
IPPMIntegrated Product Process Model
IPPMInternal Parts Per Million
IPPMIntegrated Platform Product Management
IPPMIntellectual Property Portfolio Management (KPMG)
IPPMIndustrial Preparedness Planning Measures
IPPMIndividualized Program Planning Model
IPPMIntegrated Planning & Project Management
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Characteristic Yes, n (%) * No, n (%) * p-value Type of clinic Public 4 (3.2) 122 (96.8) Private (IPPM) 11(7.5) 136 (92.5) 0.18 Education level Primary or less 1 (1.4) 76 (98.6) Secondary and above 14 (7.7) 182 (92.3) 0.05 Age (years) <25 2 (8.3) 22 (91.7) 26-30 6 (5.8) 97 (94.2) 31-34 6 (5.9) 95 (94.1) >35 1 (2.2) 44 (97.8) 0.71 Occupation Employed 11 (9.2) 108 (90.8) Informal trader 2 (2.1) 94 (97.9) Others 2 (3.4) 56 (96.6) 0.05 Parity Primiparous 10 (6.9) 135 (93.1) Multiparous 5 (3.9) 123 (96.1) 0.279 Age at first pregnancy (years), mean (SD) 23.7 (4.0) 24 (4.2) 0.76 CS = caesarean section; IPPM = intramural private practice management; SD = standard deviation.
The College of Performance Management (CPM), a not-for-profit professional association that I lead, has built a system that redefines EVM as the core discipline of IPPM, emphasizing and expanding EVM's role in management systems integration.
IPPM adds emphasis to address emerging priorities of Technical/Benefits Management (TBM) practices.
The rate of IPPM (defined as deaths from intrapartum "asphyxia," "anoxia," or "trauma," and including stillbirths and deaths that occurred in the first week) was highest among the women who planned to have a home birth but had to transfer their care to a hospital during pregnancy or labor, wrote Dr.
The IPPM rate was 0.79 per 1,000 births, compared with 0.96 per 1,000 actual home births (intended and unintended home births combined) and 1.28 per 1,000 intended home births (those who completed a home birth or had planned to deliver at home but had to transfer).
The IPPM Foundation in Payroll Administration, comparable to NVQ level 3, is a qualification for people who are new to work in payroll, or who want to translate their experience into a professional qualification.
A total of 300 IPPM members in advance were quizzed for the study released as part of this week's National Payroll Week.
Performance and product quality measurements include "RPPM" (rejected parts per million--parts rejected by customers), "IPPM" (internal parts per million--internal rejects and rectifications) and "PPM" (parts per million--the ratio of rejected vs.