IPPNIrish Primary Principals' Network (est. 2000; Cork, Ireland)
IPPNIndependent Progressive Politics Network
IPPNInternational Progressive Publications Network (online resource)
IPPNInternet Public Policy Network (est 1999)
IPPNInner-Peace Prosperity Network (unidentified flying objects society; Maryland)
IPPNIndia-Pakistan Peace Network
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She is on the National Committee of the G/GPUSA and is G/GPUSA's representative to the IPPN.
IPPN spokesman Sean Cottrell said: "There is little evidence to suggest that homework as we currently know it, has any real benefit.
For a free, sample issue, or to find out more about IPPN, contact them at P.
The IPPN said it supports Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's renewed call for any Church members in a position of authority to take responsibility for mistakes made in the past.
The IPPN commissioned a report in 2005, New Horizons for Smaller Schools and Teaching Principals, which raised the issue.