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IPPRA reaffirmed the existence of prospective relief against state officers available under the Ex Parte Young doctrine." Id.
(2003) [hereinafter House IPPRA Hearing]; available at hju87815_0f.htm.
[found] that there are relatively few infringements of intellectual property rights by States." House IPPRA Hearing, supra note 162, at 26 (prepared statement of Ms.
(165.) "[H]undreds of pirated software programs were found on computers owned by a Maryland State hospital." House IPPRA Hearing, supra note 162, at 9 (opening statement of Rep.
(100.) On the difference between the initial and revised versions of the IPPRA, see Robert C.
It should be noted, though, that Leahys view of the constitutionality of the IPPRA has not gone unchallenged.