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IPRIntellectual Property Rights
IPRInprocess/Inprogress Review
IPRIndustrial Property Rights
IPRInward Processing Relief (From Import Duty)
IPRInstitute for Policy Research (Northwestern University and University of Cincinnati)
IPRInstitute of Public Relations
IPRInstitute of Production and Recording (Minneapolis Minnesota)
IPRInspecteur Pédagogique Régional (French: Regional Education Inspector)
IPRImpulse Response
IPRInstitute of Pacific Relations
IPRIntellectual Property Rights Working Group (IETF)
IPRIn Progress Review
IPRInterproximal Reduction (orthodontic procedure)
IPRInflow Performance Relationship (oil industry)
IPRInterdepartmental Purchase Request
IPRInstitute for Prevention Research
IPRInjection Pressure Regulator
IPRInterim Progress Review
IPRInterim Program Review
IPRInstallation Planning Representative (IBM)
IPRInternal Program Review
IPRInternational Planning and Research Corp.
IPRIntelligence Production Requirement
IPRIntended Place of Residence
IPRInstallation Personnel Readiness (US Air Force)
IPRIsolated Personnel Report
IPRInitial Program Review
IPRIndividual Pay Record
IPRIn-Process Report
IPRInterdepartmental Procurement Request
IPRInstitute for Potato Research (Poland)
IPRInches Per Rotation (milling machines)
IPRInformation and Problem Reports (CCS #7)
IPRInfinitely Precise Rounding
IPRItem Performance Report
IPRInside Plant Repeater (Hekimian)
IPRIntegrated Pollution Regulation
IPRIntegrated Process Review
IPRIntermediate Priority Range
IPRInternal Problem Report
IPRInternational Paranormal Research
IPRIsolated Pressure Rise (air conditioner testing)
iPrIsopropyl (chemistry)
IPRInstitutional Planning and Research (various locations)
IPRIndividual Producer Responsibility (various organizations)
IPRInter Partes Review (patents)
IPRIndirect Potable Reuse
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At the forum, the leaders of the IPs exchanged and discussed some of the challenges faced by IP agencies in the world such as IPR, IPR, and IPR 4.
He said that the Customs Department has taken steps for enforcement of the IPR but still a majority of small businessmen are not fully aware of the restrictions in this regard.
Participants in the press conference pointed out that the Award aims at measuring the upcoming generation's awareness of IPR and educating the public about the risks of counterfeiting on consumers' health and the country's economy.
The crosses were made between cultivars: FT Nobre x IPR Gralha and Diamante Negro x IPR Chopim.
IPR claimed to have gold mining rights in South America but it was all a sham that lured investors into parting with PS5.
These new form of trolls take advantage of the IPR method to challenge the validity of patents to drive down the stock price of targeted companies.
The Workshop aimed to create awareness and provide guidance to the participants on best practices and rules related to intellectual property rights, obligations within the frame work of the IPR Policy of India and fundamentals of cyber security laws and assistance related to IPR.
The USTR keeps India on a list of countries it says present the "most significant concerns" regarding weak IPR laws.
Dubai -- The Department of Economic Development in Dubai has announced the launch of a quarterly indicator of the level of intellectual property rights, or IPR, protection in the emirate.
8220;Institution of an IPR petition is not as a matter of right,” said Drake.
The study, aACoeIntellectual Property Rights intensive industries: contribution to economic performance and employment in the European UnionaACA[yen], takesinto account all the major IP rights: patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, geographical indications, focuses on the EU economy and covers a total of 321 IPR-intensive industries, identified as such either because they register more Intellectual Property Rights per employee than other industries, or because the use of IPR is an intrinsic characteristic of the industryaACAOs activity.
Since May 2011, the European Patent Office has supported the General Directorate of Patents and Trademarks (GDPT) to better implement existing laws and has raised awareness of the importance of IPR to businesses and consumers alike.