IPSASBInternational Public Sector Accounting Standards Board
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IPSASB (International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board) (2011), Transition to the Accrual Basis of Accounting: Guidance for Public Sector Entities.
In what concerns less active markets specific for emergent economies, IPSASB and IVSB as international organizations, do not deal with these cases by singularizing their valuation requirements and methods.
IPSASB issues IPSAS concerning the financial reporting based on cash accounting and commitment accounting.
En algunos casos incluyen ademas, los fundamentos de las conclusiones (razones del IPSASB para apartarse de la NIC/ NIIF relacionada) y la guia de implementacion; estos ultimos no son considerados parte integrante de las normas.
Andreas Bergmann, Chairman of the IPSASB covered in his presentation during the conference a general overview about IPSASB, its standards and objectives.
It provides the only global and comprehensive set of accounting requirements and guidance developed specifically for preparers of public sector financial statements," Andreas Bergmann, chair, IPSASB, says.
As regards this definition there are discussions on the IPSASB agenda, the respondents questioned sustaining that an asset do not necessarily delivers an inflow of service potential to the entity that holds it, considering that an asset is used by the entity to deliver an outflow of services to the public, suggesting the following definition: "An asset is a resource controlled by the entity as a result of past events, from which future economic benefits are expected to flow to the entity, or from which service potential is expected to be extracted by the entity in the future" [18].
While there are some project collaborations between GASB and IPSASB, there is no planned convergence between the sets of standards.
The IPSASB has released exposure draft 34, "Social benefits: disclosure of cash transfers to individuals or households", which proposes disclosure requirements for amounts to be paid to beneficiaries of social benefit programmes.
The IPSASB says that comments about the ED should be submitted by February 28, 2007, to public-sector pubs@ifac.
El marco conceptual del IASB aplica tambien para estados financieros confeccionados conforme a los IPSAs que emite el IPSASB.