IPSEPInternational Project for Sustainable Energy Paths
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On the other hand, a recent analysis of the CEF by IPSEP concludes that, when we factor in broader economic patterns, the potential gains look substantially larger, not smaller.
energy policy challenges are found in International Project for Sustainable Energy Paths (IPSEP, 2001a, 2001b).
For the European Union, our estimate of the reduction in emissions from market reforms is based on a recent detailed analysis similar to the CEF study (IPSEP, 2000; see also IPSEP, 2001a).
The details of these calculations are available elsewhere (IPSEP, 2001c) and are not reported here because of space limitations.
(1.) For a discussion of the theoretical and empirical basis of the no-regrets concept, and the deficiencies of conventional modeling input assumptions, see the companion report to this analysis (IPSEP, 200la), and the discussions in Krause (1996) and IPCC (1996).