IPSJInformation Processing Society of Japan
IPSJInstitute for Political Studies in Japan (Tokyo, Japan)
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KAMC at 2-3 grabbed the fourth and last berth leaving Jeddah Blue Spikers 1-4 and IPSJ Wild Cats 0-5 as the two teams eliminated from the tournament.
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Sponsors + Ministry of Education, Sciences Sports and Culture Mombushoof Japan + Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ) SIGDBS Contact tanaka@db.cs.kobe-u.ac.jp; URL:http://www .db.cs.kobe-u.ac.jp/FODO98/
Paper presented at IPSJ Conference, October, Tokyo, Japan.
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The 6 teams entered are: All Filipino Virgin Mobile Spikers, King Abdulaziz Medical City Hospital, Jeddah Blue Spikers, Jeddah United Hitters, IPSJ Wild Cats and Play Time.