IPSMIp Security Monitor
IPSMInterpersonal Sensitivity Measure (psychology)
IPSMInstitute of Physical Sciences in Medicine (now Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine)
IPSMIntegrated Property Service Manager (cloud technology)
IPSMIntel Persistent Storage Manager
IPSMInternational Processing Systems MeteoStar (Englewood, CO)
IPSMInternational Product Safety Management
IPSMIndustrial Parsing of Software Manuals
IPSMIntegrated Production System Modeling (SIMSCI)
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Basicamente, o IPSM propoe considerar o periodo decorrido desde a ultima realizacao dos dois exames e tambem a idade da mulher, apresentando tres condicoes em uma escala ordinal, com a seguinte construcao: a condicao "desejavel" ou "ideal" e representada pela cor verde, indicando que a mulher encontra-se em nivel considerado ideal de prevencao; o segundo nivel e representado pela cor amarela, expressando uma condicao de alerta; e o terceiro nivel indica uma condicao de risco (cor vermelha), ou seja, inadequacao na realizacao dos dois exames preventivos.
A tabela 1 ilustra e sintetiza a proposta do IPSM, mostrando a distribuicao dos criterios para classificacao na condicao de risco (vermelha), desejavel (verde) ou intermediaria, de alerta (amarelo).
With the IF-NS technique, the rates of iPSM tended to be higher at 17.0% (27/159) compared to rates of cPSM with 9.3% (9/97) (p = 0.085).
Missing data for iEPE n = 29, cEPE n = 6, iPSM n = 27, cPSM n = 9.
Nesse, o uso do IPSM tem uma dimensao muito mais metodologica, de reflexao em torno do planejamento dos limites dos servicos, portanto, sem a exigencia de tal refinamento.
Sutron announced the definitive purchase agreement on 1 May, saying it would to pay USD4.18m (EUR3.32m) in cash for IPSM and assume debts of up to USD175,000.
The electrophoretic profiles of the SPIn and the heat-treated isolates showed no differences in the relative proportions of the 7S and 11S fractions, although when compared to IPSM, researchers found differences in the sub-units.
The IPSM Modular Learning System covers the training requirements of SMEs throughout all stages of the supply chain.
The IPSM Diagnostic Tools include three components: the People Diagnostic Tool (used to identify gaps in knowledge and skills); the Process Diagnostic Tool (used to identify problems in an enterprise's supply process); and the Corporate and National IPSM Environment Diagnostic Tool (used to assess the context in which purchasing and supply management is carried out by enterprises).
The new approach aims primarily at developing a set of universal tools and related services needed to build and to operate national capacities for providing IPSM training, consultancy support and information to the business community.
2 May 2012 - Sutron Corporation (NASDAQ: STRN), the US provider of products and services for hydrological, meteorological, and oceanic monitoring, said it had put its signature on a definitive agreement to buy IPS Meteostar Inc (IPSM), the developer of advanced, scalable tools for the environmental analysis, display and integration/distribution systems market.