IPSSInternational Prostate Symptom Score
IPSSInternational Prognostic Scoring System
IPSSInstituição Particular de Solidariedade Social (Portugese: Private Social Solidarity Institution)
IPSSInternational Professional Service Semester (Monterey Institute of International Studies; Monterey, CA)
IPSSInferior Petrosal Sinus Sampling
IPSSInternational Pilot Study of Schizophrenia
IPSSImage Processing Subsystem
IPSSInitial Preplanned Supply Support
IPSSInternational Packet Switching System (ITU-T)
IPSSIntegrated Patent Search System
IPSSInternet Protocol Security Services (Sprint)
IPSSInternet Protocol Service Switch (Spring Tides)
IPSSImproved Pesticide Spray System
IPSSIn-Plane Shear Strength
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After 12-week treatment, it was found that, the combined treatment group had a remarkably lower incidence of urge urinary incontinence, 24-h urination frequency and night urination frequency and significantly improved IPSS and QOL.
Many urologists take IPSS into their daily practice and research of female LUTS with good feasibility and validity.
In our study, there is significant improvement in IPSS of patients in both monopolar and bipolar group (Table 10).
Each study participant underwent physical examination (digitorectal examination, brief neurological examination) during the first visit and completed the IPSS questionnaire form.
In this regard, the IPSS and the Tana Forum are in the vanguard of the idea of silencing the guns in Africa by 2020.
Mientras que dichos desenlaces se presentaron en los pacientes con alto riesgo, intermedio-2 e intermedio-1 segun MDACC e IPSS.
Se les aplico IPSS el cual fue disenado para evaluacion inicial de los pacientes que refieren sintomas de HPB, con una calificacion de 0 a 7 puntos se clasifican con sintomas leves, de 8-19 puntos se clasificaron como sintomas moderados y de 20-35 puntos sintomas severos (Tabla 1), la prevalencia de pacientes con sintomas prostaticos que requiere de intervencion se tomo en base a los pacientes con sintomas moderados y severos, la cual fue de 43.
Base line IPSS Q max and PVR were recorded for each patient before starting treatment.
Also, long-term treatment with testosterone undecanoate injections did not negatively affect voiding function as measured by IPSS, or residual postvoiding volume.
Participants in the Se-SM group demonstrated statistically significant improvement in total IPSS score, irritation, obstruction and quality of life questions compared to placebo, in addition to a significant improvement in all urodynamic parameters.
1] The IPSS is relatively complicated, especially for patients with low education levels, and elderly patients with visual impairment may find it difficult to read the small print.