IPSSInternational Prostate Symptom Score
IPSSInternational Prognostic Scoring System
IPSSInstituição Particular de Solidariedade Social (Portugese: Private Social Solidarity Institution)
IPSSInternational Professional Service Semester (Monterey Institute of International Studies; Monterey, CA)
IPSSInferior Petrosal Sinus Sampling
IPSSInternational Pilot Study of Schizophrenia
IPSSImage Processing Subsystem
IPSSInitial Preplanned Supply Support
IPSSInternational Packet Switching System (ITU-T)
IPSSIntegrated Patent Search System
IPSSInternet Protocol Security Services (Sprint)
IPSSInternet Protocol Service Switch (Spring Tides)
IPSSImproved Pesticide Spray System
IPSSIn-Plane Shear Strength
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3 years, Group 1 had favourable long-term follow-up in IPSS and Qmax.
calt,maya altnma kriterleri IPSS >7, prostat volfimit >20 gr, idrar maksimum akin hizt (Q-max) <15 mlisn [degrees]Imam daha once pelvik veya prostatik cerrahi tedavi gecirmemi; olmast ve firetral kateterizasyon Oykiisit bultinmamasi olarak kabul edildi.
Our heroes crossed religious and sectarian boundaries to fight the forces of oppression and to gain independence from colonialism," the IPSS statement added.
Patients with high IPSS scores, such as intermediate-2 and high risk, have a high probability of experiencing transformation of their MDS into acute myeloid leukemia (AML), an aggressive form of blood cancer with typically poor survival.
Steven Convery, director of IPSS, said: "Having recently won a number of new contracts, we realised that our branding and our website in particular, did not reflect the corporate image that we were striving for.
Talking to media, Saeeda said the IPSS strongly believed that peace and non-violence were the only solution to the multitude of problems facing Pakistan in recent times.
IPSS Europe has already built up extensive markets across Europe and the USA.
According to IPSS, the overall aim of the symposium is "to advance the education of the general public by improving understanding and knowledge in the field of research and development in the use of non-mechanical power sources, particularly batteries and fuel cells as well as photovoltaic and other non-electrochemical power sources.
The clinical relevance of the overall improvement in IPSS was assessed by an additional efficacy endpoint, the patient self-assessment of the impact of treatment on their quality of life, which was assessed using the 0 -- 6 point Quality of Life from the IPSS questionnaire.
05) differences between participants with and without RSU in terms of age, sex, ethnicity, mean IPSS score or quality of life score (Table 1).