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IPSecInternet Protocol Security
IPSecIndian Point Safe Energy Coalition (Ossining, NY)
IPSecInternational Patient Safety Event Classification (Adelaide, Australia)
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The main board of the ENET UEP comes with two SFP+ interfaces that can be equipped with 10GbE or XGS-PON transceivers, and an FPGA equipped with Ethernity's ENET Flow Processor, implementing a complete Carrier Ethernet switch, hierarchical QoS, router, IPSec, and optional XGS- PON MAC.
The ENET IPSec VPN Gateway can be extended to serve Internet of Things (IoT) deployments by aggregating the numerous low-throughput VPN tunnels that are required and can also be easily incorporated as a subset of a high-speed SD-WAN infrastructure, providing significant acceleration of the IPSec security therein.
IPSec, as a standard component of IPv6 security, provides three kinds of protection for the network layer: authentication, data integrity and confidentiality through AH, ESP, and Internet Key Exchange (IKE), respectively.
This is especially helpful when, for example, you want to make an IPsec connection from a hotel to the enterprise network.
"Achieving 40 Gbps of IPSec throughput on a virtual appliance running on top of relatively low-cost hardware is a major milestone and will give us and our partners a unique position in the Telecom/LTE market, said John Vestberg, CTO at Clavister, We've made great strides forward in serving the telecom sector over the course of 2015 and this new version of our operating system provides us with an enhanced offering for the telco market, putting us in a strong position to successively grab a solid market-share.
IPSec was originally developed to link private networks together over the wired Internet.
Advantage of GRE tunnels is that the traffic other than Internet Protocol (IP) would also be routed through it and by using Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) in conjunction with GRE tunnel it is possible to secure the data travelling through it.
A module that supports both IPsec and MACsec at up to 44Gbps
The addition of NCP's universal IPsec VPN client to WatchGuard's VPN solution means that, regardless of enterprises' mobile devices, operating system requirements or networking infrastructure, customers can quickly and easily meet the remote access demands of their employees," said Roger Klorese, director of product management at WatchGuard.
In order to provide secure communications between the femto-cell and the Initial SeGW, an IPSec tunnel is established between the two entities.