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IPTDInternet Platform and Tools Division
IPTDIn-Pile Thermal Desorption
IPTDInternet Platform and Tools Division (Microsoft)
IPTDIntegrated Project Team Development (various locations)
IPTDInterdisciplinary Program of Technology and Development (Ewha Womans University; South Korea)
IPTDIP Packet Transfer Delay
IPTDIP Telephony Delay
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If a = 1, the transfer function (4) becomes the transfer function of the UFOPTD, while the transfer function of the IPTD can be received from (4) for a = 0 and T = 1.
By replacing (8) and (16) with (11), and with a mathematical operation, formulas for calculation of the gain of the proportional and integral part of the PI controller in the function of the desired poles and UFOPDT and IPTD plant parameters are received:
* IPTD = [alpha] + [[beta].sub.1]PAE + [[beta].sub.2]ETA + [[beta].sub.3]ELA + [[epsilon].sub.i]
Models 3-8 show CLR, LLRCL, CLES, IILA, IPTD and OETR as the dependent variables, while the capital adequacy ratios PAE, ETA and ELA are the independent variables.