IPTFInternational Police Task Force
IPTFIntellectual Property and Technology Forum
IPTFInformation Protection Task Force
IPTFInjury Prevention Task Force (various locations)
IPTFInternational Post-Polio Task Force
IPTFI Pity the Fool! (Mr. T)
IPTFiPod Touch Fans
IPTFIn-Phase Transmit Filter
IPTFIndirect Production Time Factor
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At the launch of the Seven Families, IPTF chairman Peter le Beau said; "This project is not in any way to criticise the Government's approach to welfare or to make a grand political statement, it is just intended to show a situation people need to know about and that hardly anyone does."
The scope of work, to be carried on the engineering, procurement and construction ( EPC) basis, consists of laying six pipelines from the IPTF terminal at Fujairah to the Port of Fujairah for evacuation of white oil and black oil products.
The IPTF's main objectives were to monitor, observe and inspect law enforcement activities and facilities, and to advise and train law enforcement personnel.
The ending of the UN International Police Task Force (IPTF) mandate is illustrative in this regard as it did not result in any greater 'ownership' for the Bosnian authorities.
3 SFOR 6 OSCE 7 Srpska 8 Republika 9 Kosovo 10 NATO 11 IPTF 12 Herzegovina 14 Bosnia Of more interest is the high frequency of personal pronouns, a very crude indication of the face-to-face nature of the discourse:
In it, the United Nations is requested to establish an International Police Task Force (IPTF), with a view to developing democratic policing structures and practices.
(20) Human rights abuses by Velika Kladusa police became so widespread that the local citizens trusted only the international community and felt that only the local International Police Task Force (IPTF) presence kept the local police from initiating acts of revenge.
Christy served as the Defense Department representative to the President's Infrastructure Protection Task Force ("IPTF"), prior to which he served as a Congressional Fellow on Senator Sam Nunn's staff on the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations.
The reform of the police and justice system is the responsibility of the International Police Task Force (IPTF) and the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) which is most actively engaged in tracking and prosecuting suspected war criminals.
Environmental Protection Agency proposed rules to implement RCRA's financial responsibility requirements,[12] the legislature ended the EDI program and created what is now known as the Petroleum Liability and Restoration Insurance Program.[13] PLIRP provided that "restoration," i.e., cleanup claims, would continue to be paid for from the IPTF, while claims for "third-party damages," i.e., personal injury and property damage, would be covered under premium-based insurance policies or through another form of financial responsibility arranged by the tank owner or operator.[14]
Innovative approaches to this challenge have been attempted in Bosnia by the International Police Task Force (IPTF).