IPTPSInternational Workshop on Peer to Peer Systems
IPTPSInternational Workshop on Peer-To-Peer Systems
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In addition, a study in murine stem cells showed that the FM550 components TPP and IPTP divert osteogenesis to the adipogenesis pathway through activation of peroxisome proliferatoractivated receptor [gamma] (PPAR[gamma]) (Pillai et al.
We show that FM550 and its two major components, TPP and IPTP, induce adipogenesis in human primary cells.
Isopropylated triphenyl phosphate (IPTP) was a generous gift from W.
Treatments with the chemicals of interest were performed as follows: a) when the chemicals were tested for their ability to replace troglitazone, the cells were treated with dexamethasone from day 0 and the test chemical (0-200 [micro]M FM550, 0-200 [micro]M IPTP, 0-20 [micro]M TPP, 0-20 [micro]M TBPH, 0-20 [micro]M TBB) from day 2, with media replacements on days 4 and 8 (MID condition); b) when the chemicals were to replace dexamethasone, the test chemical was added from day 0, and troglitazone with the test chemical were added from day 2 onward and replaced with media changes on days 2, 4, and 8 (MIT condition).
Total RNA from preadipocytes from five donors treated with MID, MITD, TPP, or IPTP was collected on day 6 of differentiation of preadipocytes, from five donors were used for RNA-Seq.
Effects of FM550, IPTP, and TPP on Adipogenesis in Human Primary Preadipocytes
IPTP treatment induced a significant ~ 4-fold increase in lipid accumulation by Nile red staining at both 10 and 20 [micro]M, as compared with the MID condition (Figure 1C).
Effects of FM550, IPTP, and TPP on FABP4 Protein Expression in the Presence of Dexamethasone
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