IPTSInstitute for Prospective Technological Studies
IPTSInternational Practical Temperature Scale
IPTSInternational Pharmaceutical Technology Symposium
IPTSInstitute for Posttayloristic Studies
IPTSIntelligent Public Telephone System (Telcordia)
IPTSInternet Protocol Telecom Services workshop
IPTSInternational Port Traffic Signals (navigation)
IPTSIntellectual Property & Technology Summit (Act)
IPTSIPSS Production Tracking System (US Postal Service)
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The EIPT leader hosted weekly technical IPTs to mediate disputes and to keep the overall program moving forward until the software was delivered.
From a metalcasting standpoint, working within an IPT gives the metalcasting customer a better understanding of the casting process and its capabilities.
Inspired by an existing Navy program and developed by the partnering IPT, team international will be best suited for programs that introduce a weapon system into a customer's inventory; integrate a weapon system on a nonstandard or non-U.S.
They took only a week to produce the fake certificates which could be bought for between RM2,000 and RM16,000 depending on the types of certificate and which IPTS, he said.
Now that the DoD biometrics IPTs are established, IPT members will meet as often as necessary to understand and build program strategies, to resolve issues, and, to produce a specified product--in this case, the necessary program documentation for a successful FDD.
The IGB established IT/cyberspace efficiency IPTs structured to enable department-wide solutions that leverage resources and best practices.
The business processes IPT, held its first meeting on January 29, 2001 and its last on June 21, 2001.
Maszlee said the Finance Ministry agreed to look at the proposal which aimed at helping to reduce the financial burden of the students at IPTs.
IPTs are considered working-level forums where the chair or other facilitator is required to moderate the debates and provide recommendations from the team to the next higher level.
Clear-Com will showcase the FreeSpeak II IP Transceiver (IPT) as a Technology Demonstration.
Frente ao exposto, o objetivo do presente trabalho e realizar a classificacao geomorfometrica automatizada das formas de relevo no estado do Parana (Brasil), considerando a distribuicao de classes derivadas do IPT dentro dos limites das subunidades morfoesculturais (escala 1: 250.000), anteriormente definidas por Santos et al.
A less frequent subgroup of splenic EBV-associated IPTs includes IPT-like lesions that are EBV associated, but in which the spindle cell component does not express FDC markers.