IPVCIp Based Video Conferencing
IPVCImage Processing, Computer Vision, and Pattern Recognition (International Conference)
IPVCInstituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo
IPVCInternet Protocol Videoconferencing (Cisco)
IPVCIssue, Presentation, Version, Component
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O principal achado do estudo indica que apesar de nao observar correlacao entre os indicadores de maturidade, tamanho corporal e desempenho fisico com tendencia competitiva, na categoria sub-15, a IPVC e o teste de 7-sprint indicaram relacao significativa de baixa e moderada magnitude respectivamente com TQ2 (tendencia para vencer).
Conclui-se que somente entre a IPVC e o teste de 7-sprint foi observado relacao com o TQ2 (tendencia em vencer) nos atletas da categoria sub-15 e entre os atletas do sub-17 a relacao ocorreu somente entre o teste de CMJ e TQ3 (tendencia em estabelecer metas).
Interracial groups of community-based IPVC members designed and implemented a variety of pro-active projects, among them:
* In Jamaica, Queens, a neighborhood serving as a transportation hub for 8,000 high school students each day, IPVC spear-headed a campaign along with neighborhood institutions to reduce racially motivated attacks by largely Caribbean-American customers on Asian-American small businesses.
* In Staten Island, New York's most conservative borough, IPVC members sponsored the first-ever public forum on intergroup relations following the brutal bias beating of a gay man.
* In selected high schools, IPVC members developed a program to take groups of 20 students from different ethnic backgrounds on a series of field trips to each other's cultural institutions, with the aim of promoting intergroup appreciation and understanding.
* In high schools where highly publicized racial incidents had taken place, IPVC members and adults from the surrounding neighborhoods actively engaged students on issues of intergroup relations.
* A theater group, called Theater for a Greater Peace, formed by 45 IPVC members, wrote and produced a play about neighborhood racial tension, "My Enemy, My Brother," which was performed to excellent reviews in community centers and even had an off-Broadway run.
IPVC's design exemplifies the two-pronged approach typical of the other programs discussed earlier: municipal sponsorship and involvement, and personal transformation through finding common ground with members from ordinarily segregated groups.