IPVGIntellectual Property Ventures Group (Philippines)
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Our investment in Prolexic gives IPVG ownership of a propriety platform for DDoS mitigation that has a global application," said Enrique Y.
Joining forces with an aggressive company such as IPVG will allow Prolexic to extend its market leadership worldwide in the continuing arms race against DDoS attackers.
the data center subsidiary of IPVG, has worked with Prolexic to defend its customers against DDoS attacks for the past two years.
IPVG is a public company listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange with a current market capitalization of approximately PhP 3.
Lance Rosenzweig, PeopleSupport's CEO and Chairman, commented that, "We were prepared to give serious consideration to the IPVG and AO Capital proposal, but our Board requested customary information from IPVG and AO Capital, as a prerequisite, which would enable us to evaluate whether IPVG and AO Capital could obtain the funds necessary to complete a transaction.
Frank Perna, speaking on behalf of the PeopleSupport Board as the lead independent director said, "We remain focused on maximizing shareholder value, and we have been extremely patient and accommodating to enable IPVG and AO Capital to demonstrate their capability to consummate their proposed transaction.
Consistent with its fiduciary duties, the PeopleSupport Board of Directors will meet in due course to review and consider the IPVG Corp.
He says that Century Pacific is not the seafood company that will be infused into IPVG.
IPVG declined to identify the company it was in talks with.
The transaction is under strict confidentiality," IPVG said.
The Board of Directors of PeopleSupport will carefully consider and evaluate IPVG Corp.
Nasdaq:JNPR) today announced that IP Converge, a wholly owned subsidiary of IPVG Corporation (PSE:IPVG) and one of the leading service providers in the Philippines, has deployed the Juniper Networks Integrated Security Gateway (ISG) 2000 firewall/virtual private network (VPN) to secure and assure its network infrastructure.