IPVMIntegrated Pest and Vector Management (Sri Lanka)
IPVMIndira Priyadarshini Vriksha Mitra Award (India)
IPVMIgreja Profetica Vencedora no Mundo (Portuguese: Winning the World Prophetic Church; Angola)
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DW Spectrum IPVMS updates automatically in systems where previous versions are already installed.
Digital Watchdog's Spectrum IPVMS is an industry leading product that extends our customer's ability to provide cost effective, cutting edge solutions to a variety of applications."
Instantly recognized and managed by DW Spectrum IPVMS, these solutions are a seamless addition to an existing system.
The small and simple to setup devices act as recording backup for existing DW Spectrum IPVMS systems.
Digital Watchdog (DW), the industry leader in HD Video Surveillance Made Easy, announces the availability of a new Control4 driver for DW Spectrum IPVMS. The driver, developed by Homeation, brings enhanced functionality to DW Spectrum IPVMS systems in the Control4 environment by allowing HD video surveillance managed by DW Spectrum IPVMS to be viewed right from your Control4 device.