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IPWG chief executive Peter Toscano said: "The technology we offer is very innovative, environmentally friendly and sustainable in the long term.
IPWG has developed new technology which increases the efficiency of the waste-burning process.
Simon Goon, head of business development and international relations at One NorthEast, said: "One NorthEast, through the New and Renewable Energy Centre, has been in discussions with IPWG for a number of months.
After receiving an environmental license from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Presidency of Metrology and Environment (PME) in July 2006, the company formed IPWG Saudi Limited and filed papers of incorporation with the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA).
Our being granted the environmental license in July by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was a major milestone for the company," said Peter Toscano, IPWG chairman and CEO.
We are pleased with the rapid progress being made towards establishing our first waste-to-energy facilities in Saudi Arabia," said Peter Toscano, CEO of IPWG.
Peter Toscano, President for IPWG stated, "I am elated to finally have the ability to move forward with the Waste-to-Energy project in Mexicali.
We are very excited to have Jerry Pane joining the International Power Group team", stated IPWG President Peter Toscano, "His experience in the financial markets will be an asset to the company.
OB) installed its new Add-Power unit at the Vargons Alloys Steel Mill in Sweden last month, Michael Maguire, IPWG's VP of Engineering, explained why IPWG believes that Add-Power is critically important to the energy world, as industries try to find alternative ways to meet production demands.
Through the working relationship with the Vargons Alloys Steel Mill, and IPWG, Add-Power now is an active electrical provider for the facility.
The IPWG team has been working for you, the shareholders, to help build the company to a success.