IPWPInternational Parliamentarians for West Papua (political group)
IPWPIntegrated Plan for the Wastewater Program (Los Angeles, CA)
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The IPWP is the largest body of warm water in the world, and, as a result, it is the largest source of heat and moisture to the global atmosphere, and an important component of the planet's climate.
SMN Barka (Barka-II) is an IPWP located at Barka, about 50 km north-west of Muscat.
The positive SSTA over IPWP exceeding +1 STD persisted throughout 2013.
The amount of power generated by IPPs and IPWPs has since 2004 risen sharply.
This is an IPWP with a power capacity of 1,000-1,200 MW.
OGC since late 2008 has speeded up construction of pipeline extensions and gas supply stations which are now serving a Salalah methanol plant and an independent power and water project (IPWP) at Taqah in Dhofar.
Mahrouqi said GEWA had begun preliminary work for setting up al-Ghubrah's 450-600MW IPWP in the governorate of Muscat to produce 30m gallons/d (136,000 CM/d of desalinated water, at a cost of around $1-1.2bn.
is the first independent power and water producing (IPWP) venture in Abu Dhabi.
Once converted to gas, Petroline will pump ethane from the east to Yanbu' to feed the petrochemical complex, the IPWP and several other petrochemical and IPWP projects to be built there during this decade.
The first IPP, or IPWP, will be the Al Zour North complex which is to be built on BOT basis.
EPC, 100% owned by the Abu Dhabi government, represents the state in new IPWP. It has a capital of Dh428m ($116m), with the Abu Dhabi government having subscribed initially to 25% and to pay the rest on demand by ADWEA.