IPWSInstitute of Party Wall Surveyors (UK)
IPWSInternational Parasitic Weed Symposium
IPWSIntegrated Pure Water System
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There were 141 IPWs registered with OGMO, Port of Saint Sebastian, as reported by the management.
Quantitative variables were expressed as measures of central tendency and dispersion, and presented in tables (age, professional category, length of work in the job, hiring conditions, elbow pain before or after starting work at the port, distribution of IPWs with elbow pain and clinical signs, hand dominance, and pain site) (30,31).
We interviewed 72 IPWs, all of them male, and with age 22 to 67 years old, mean 48.49, standard deviation 9.73.
Our investigation of the prevalence of diagnosis suggestive of CuTS among IPWs at Port of Saint Sebastian fully belongs with the aforementioned context, especially upon considering the potential of this information to contribute to strategies for prevention of work-related diseases.
As a sensitivity analysis, we additionally ran all models without the application of IPW. We also restricted the models to within the white race, or extended the follow-up time beyond 15 y by using all follow-ups (range =1 to 23 y) to test the robustness of the association.
Results were similar without the application of IPW: The associations were attenuated, with a 10-fold HR of 4.29 for a fully adjusted model for patella lead (95% CI: 1.18, 15.55, p = 0.03) and nonsignificant association for tibia lead.
We applied IPW to reduce such selection bias at the time of bone lead measurements (baseline).
To launch this ambitious Project, AuraPortal's Brazilian partner, Core Synesis, has developed the (IPWS) solution based on AuraPortal's BPMS technology, along with BI (Business Intelligence), BO (Business Objects) and Key Performance Indicator Panels (The Synesis Indicator Panel).
In addition, the results did not markedly change in an IPW model that only accounted for probabilities reflecting sampling according to maternal alcohol intake at baseline without considering factors that may have affected participation in the LDPS (see Table S7).
We cannot rule out the possibility of residual bias due to nonparticipation in the LDPS that is unaccounted for in our IPW model, but the magnitude of such bias is likely to be small (Greene et al.