IPOEInternational Panel of Experts (also seen as IPE)
IPOEIp over Ethernet
IPOEIntelligence Preparation of the Operational Environment
IPOEInternet Protocol Over Ethernet
IPOEInstitute of Precision Optical Engineering (Tongji University; China)
IPOEIndependent Panel of Experts
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Air Force doctrine states that IPOE "is a process requiring detailed research, analysis, and knowledge of the adversary regarding topics such as force disposition, force sustainment, deployment of forces, weapon system capabilities and employment doctrine, environmental conditions, and courses of action.
The three countries, in the spirit of cooperation, will utilize the final outcomes of the joint studies, to be conducted as per the recommendations of the IPoE Report and agreed upon by the TNC, to:-
Both Moghazy and the Ethiopian water and energy minister Alemayehu Tegenu agreed this round of tripartite talks would build on the agreements previously made by Al-Sisi and Desalegn, with Tegenu stating the talks are to set up "a framework for the follow up of the IPoE recommendations".
Agreed on the scope of work of the two studies as recommended by the IPoE.
Fahmy said during the Saturday meeting that it is important to implement the recommendations of the IPOE report by evaluating the effects of the dam on the environment, safety measures, and water flow to the downstream countries of Egypt and Sudan.
The theme of the IPoE Forum 2012, Changing Times in Tourism and Hospitality Education , will build on previous forum themes and continue to focus on strategic issues facing tourism, hospitality and events education.
The IPOE was composed of two experts each from Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan, along with four international experts.
The IPoE is composed of six representatives each drawn from Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan, and another four international experts and was established to assess the impact of the dam project on downstream countries.
Irrigation minister: future negotiations with Ethiopia hinge on IPoE report
The IPoE report recommended conducting more in-depth studies on the effects of the dam.
He added that the IPoE said that more studies are needed concerning the flow of the Nile, in addition to the environmental impact and safety conditions surrounding the construction of the dam.