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IPV6Internet Protocol Version 6
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Noting the success of the event, Paul Rendek, Director of External Relations at the RIPE NCC, said: "The success of and demand for these workshops shows the Oman telecom sector's commitment to furthering their engagement in the nation's transition to IPv6. The workshop provided the participants with expert guidance on the technical aspects of transitioning to IPv6 and we are confident this will accelerate their shift to the new IP version."
The discussion shed light on the TRC circular No 1/2018 which stressed the need by all public and private organisations to implement the national plan for transition to IPv6 by December 2020 to ensure continuity and stability of Internet.
The paper is structured as follows: IPv6 transition and its challenges has been discussed in Part two.
Most connections to the Internet in the world nowadays rely upon IPv4 protocol, even though it is considered as a legacy protocol since IPv6 has been standardized in year 2000 [1].
In this paper, we revisit IPv6 performance and make a comparison with IPv4 from several metrics, including network reachability, packet delay, packet loss, and packet reordering.
However, the two address schemes are not interoperable, which has complicated and slowed the transition to IPv6. Monolith AssureNow simplifies this transition to IPv6 by running a dual stack that supports both IPv4 and IPv6, thus making it easy for its customers to gradually deploy IPv6 network upgrades.
"Adopting IPv6 is vital for increasing Qatar's IP address capacity within the ICT sector and to maintain Qatar's ability to communicate effectively with the rest of the world via the Internet.
and compare the results for IPv6 and IPv4 protocols using both TCP and UDP protocols.
the transition from IPv4 to IPv6. It can be downloaded at www.infoblox.com/6map.
As of now, it may seem difficult for CIOs to convince the board to migrate to IPv6 given the low RoI, but IPv6 migration is something that CIOs have to consider in the coming days.
The Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) address standard is intended to eventually replace IPv4, the protocol most Internet services currently use.