IQATInteractive Quality Assessment Tool
IQATIndependent Quality Assurance Team
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The Interactive Quality Assessment Tool (IQAT) allows institutions to evaluate distance learning programs by comparing data to that of other, similar institutions in precreated benchmark groups.
Or as Pound says, in the Cantos, "The temple is holy, because it is not for sale." The characters in IQAT have problems, as you say, because they want to be artists--not make art.
This selection indicates at once the book's strength and its weakness, for the author is unsure whether her book is about Fatimid art--hence she discusses wor ks outside the V&A collection--or about the V&A collection--hence she discusses works in the collection that have nothing to do with the Fatimids, such as the Marwanid tiraz and a Yemeni iqat, both illustrated in color.