IQCSInterviewer Quality Control Scheme (UK)
IQCSIncident Qualifications and Certification System (National Wildfire Coordinating Group)
IQCSInternal Quality Control System (organic farming)
IQCSFish Inspection and Quality Control Service (Bangladesh)
IQCSImproving Quantum Computer Simulations (University of Groningen; Netherlands)
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From Lemma 2, an important conclusion on IQC stability analysis can be drawn: if [DELTA] satisfies several IQCs, it also satisfies all nonnegative linear combinations of IQCs.
and there exist real scalars [[alpha].sub.1 [greater than or equal to] [[alpha].sub.2] [greater than or equal to] 0, such that h(x) satisfies the IQCs defined by
The waiver does not apply to the SWIFT IQC holders themselves or to certain restricted goods, such as pharmaceuticals.
"Most NGOs don't have the resources to put together a bid like that," added Sime, who said IQCs mean NGOs are not only up against other NGOs, but they're competing against for-profits as well.
Umbrella contracts such as the Indefinite Quantity Contract (IQC), oftentimes in the ballpark of $100 million-plus, are far easier for USAID to implement and account for than the smaller grants.
'I believe in IQCS but I don't think it is important to most buyers; most buyers are not aware of it.'
'For really big pitches it is important [to be AMSO or IQCS or have other objective markers of quality assurance], because otherwise you don't get on their list.'
Agency for International Development's Indefinite Quantity Contracts (IQC) program structured aid to the region.
The IQC program worked especially poorly when consultants worked directly with an enterprise, because they functioned largely independently of the ministries responsible for privatization.