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IQDIraqi Dinar (ISO currency code)
IQDInside Quality Design (magazine)
IQDInternational Quirkyalone Day
IQDIsle of Quel'danas (gaming, World of Warcraft)
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With the values of RR according to IQD in the [PM.sub.2.5] concentration, the proportional attributable ratio (PAR) was calculated using the following formula:
Os dados da ultima medicao, juntamente com os valores de peso seco (MSPA e MSR) e IQD foram submetidos a analise de variancia, e quando observadas diferencas significativas ao teste de Tukey (P > 0,95).
The statements with means (M) [greater than or equal to] 4.4 and IQD [less than or equal to] 1.25 and where the consensus reached 80.0% were considered to have a higher level of importance.
Maiti [7] modeled a multi-item inventory control system of items with AUD and IQD and a combination of these discounts.
A courtly game of love involving the caliph was recorded by Ibn 'Abd Rabbihi in his 'Iqd al-farid.
It is worth mentioning that the internationally-known IQD is not based on the HEI and has different characteristics, such as the evaluation of calcium intake rather than milk and dairy products.
The rating agency incorporated non-oil revenue of IQD 8 trillion (the IMF assumes IQD 10.5trillion).
De acordo com Gomes e Paiva (2011), o IQD e um bom indice de qualidade de mudas, pois leva em conta a robustez e o equilibrio da distribuicao de biomassa das mudas, sendo recomendado um valor minimo de 0,20 (Pseudotsuga menziesii e Picea abies).
Os valores observados para o IQD foram em media 67% (IQD = 0,0002) menores do que os verificados por Lima et al.
Para aferir a qualidade das mudas foram calculados, ao final dos 120 dias de experimento, os indices IQD (indice de qualidade de Dickson), H/D (relacao entre a altura e o diametro do colo), H/PSA (relacao entre a altura e o peso da materia seca da parte aerea) e PSA/PSR (relacao entre o peso da materia seca da parte aerea e o peso da materia seca da raiz), alem das caracteristicas morfologicas H, D, numero de folhas (NF), PSA (peso da materia seca da parte aerea), PSR (peso da materia seca da raiz) e PST (peso de materia seca total).
?Everyone knows that the monthly payroll of KRG is approximately IQD 850 billion, while what the federal government has recently sent to Kurdistan has never reached half of the amount required for one month payroll,?
The terrorists started to withdraw and the escape of their minister affected them very negatively since he took 20 billion IQD with him, the source concluded.