IQFSIntramolecularly Quenched Fluorogenic Substrates
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The IQFs as shown in Table 1 indicate that [MUSICA.sup.2] has slightly better image quality.
Contrast variation with object size was evaluated with visual assessment of images of a Perspex contrast-detail phantom, and an image quality figure (IQF) was calculated.
[MUSICA.sup.2] was found to give the lowest (best) IQF; MTF measurements confirmed this, with values at 3.5 lp/mm of 10% for [MUSICA.sup.2], 8% for MUSICA and 5% for flatfield.
Object visibility with decreasing size and contrast can be evaluated qualitatively and/or using an image quality figure (IQF) score (visually assessed) specific for the in-house manufactured phantom.
Therefore, a low IQF represents better image quality.
The IQF application's wear and tear on the unit is different from a liquid's.
His operation has recently switched to using 1,000-pound corrugated totes for IQF chicken, peas and potatoes.
For example, if frozen IQF chicken leaks into a bin's corrugated, contamination becomes an issue.