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IQIInformation Quality Incentive (Office of Gas & Electricity Markets; UK)
IQIInstitute for Quantum Information (Pasadena, CA; California Institute of Technology)
IQIInpatient Quality Indicator
IQIIncreased Quarantine Intervention (Australia)
IQIImage Quality Indicators
IQIInternational Quality Institute (various locations)
IQIIncoming Quality Inspection
IQIInstitut für Qualität und Innovation GmbH (Neuenrade, Germany)
IQIInstitut für Qualifikation und Integration (German: Institute for Skills and Integration; Wiesmoor, Germany)
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Citizens are satisfy by the value-added and understandability IQI of e-government websites.
The current implementation of the RAMR in NYS does not examine situations in which a hospital has treated fewer than 30 cases in a given IQI. We have found that such situations may account for as much as half of all such cases statewide.
Median numbers of calendar days with interquartile intervals (IQI) for all time intervals are presented in Table 5.
The IQI between the fused image F and the source images A and B are defined as
Patients of old age (above median), with PLT, SBP, and cholesterol above median, with Cr below the first quartile, with uric acid (UA) and DBP out of the IQI, and with ratio of TG to total cholesterol (rTG) below the third quartile, were associated with higher CV death risk.
Os teores medio de P na mata nativa foram de 5,09 mg [dm.sup.-3] e variaram de 13,60 a 34,21 mg [dm.sup.-3] nas areas cultivadas com os valores de IQi diminuindo com o tempo de uso das areas (Tabela 3).
A Dubai-based developer grouping has just confirmed Malaysia based IQI to represent its recently launched Dh2.3 billion Royal Estates project in Dubai Investments Park.
Let Tq = {Tq1, Tq2, Tq3, ..., Tqm} be the set of minutiae triplets of a queried fingerprint fq and for each Tqi with i [member of] {1, 2, 3, ..., m} Aqi be its area and Iqi be its corresponding index value.
Prior to joining Standard Chartered, he was the founding member and partner of IQI, a private investment company in Baghdad.
Edge and structural preservation are evaluated using beta metric ([beta]), figure of merit (FoM), structural similarity (SSIM), and image quality index (IQI) in addition to traditional parameters such as SNR, PSNR, MSE, and correlation coefficient ([rho]).