IQMSIntegrated Quality Management System
IQMSInstitut für Qualitätsmanagement und Patientensicherheit
IQMSIntelligent QoS Management Suite (Cisco)
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We were impressed with the quality of projects that were nominated for this award," said Randy Flamm, president at IQMS.
15 /PRNewswire/ -- IQMS, a leader in the design and development of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, today announced that company president and founder, Randy Flamm, is one of the featured experts who will present at MAPP's 2008 Plastics Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference to be held October 16 and 17 at the Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre.
has partnered with IQMS to implement EnterpriseIQ ERP to support long-term company growth and increase enterprise-wide visibility.
To stay competitive, companies often need to create more complex, multi-level bills of material while still maintaining control and consistency," says Randy Flamm, president and founder of IQMS.
Additionally, IQMS customers, vendors and partners came together to show their support, as together IQMS garnered enough votes to take home the highly sought-after People's Choice Award.
To remain competitive and successful, companies around the world must strategically optimize supply chain efficiency and quality," says Randy Flamm, president and founder of IQMS.
In the end, the choice of EnterpriseIQ from IQMS boiled down to three main highlights.
IQMS is committed to helping companies like PMT succeed in their ever-changing and complex industry by providing advanced and feature-rich solutions designed specifically for manufacturers.
With this accomplishment, IQMS joins the rarified company of enterprises that have appeared on the list multiple times, many of which have grown to become national icons," said Eric Schurenberg, editor in chief of Inc.
And because the EnterpriseIQ system is single-source, meaning it is developed and supported by IQMS, it costs less and is easier to maintain than typical third-party systems.
PCI) recently created a completely "lights out" manufacturing plant that operates without human intervention from the central material handling system through the automated box conveyor system utilizing IQMS software and network cameras.
The group's goal is to work with existing IQMS customers to create greater efficiency and automation between shop floor hardware and ERP software, resulting in leaner manufacturing operations.