IQRInterquartile Range (statistics)
IQRInternet Quick Reference
IQRIndividual Qualification Record
IQRInternal Quality Review
IQRInventory Quality Ratio (inventory software; Inventory Quality Ratio International; San Juan Capistrano, CA)
IQRIndonesia Quake Relief
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8] Nonstandard abbreviations: T2DM,type 2 diabetes mellitus; GDF-15, growth differentiation factor 15; MR-proANP, midregional proatrial natriuretic peptide; MR-proADM, midregional proadrenomedullin; CT-proET-1, C-terminal proendothelin-1; NT-proBNP, N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide; hs-TnT, high-sensitive-troponin T; IQR, interquartile range; BMI, body mass index; HbA1c, hemoglobin A1c; ACA, acetylsalicylic acid; HR, hazard ratio; GFR, glomerular filtration rate; NSAID, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug.
IQR of 1 or less is found to be a suitable indicator for consensus that used 4 or 5-point unit scales [11, 23, 24].
To IQR Consulting President Rahul Nawab, big data for credit unions refers to the creation and organization of disparate and different data sources accessible across the organization.
This decrease is apparent across all amputation levels: toe (FY2004: 10, interquartile range [IQR] 6, 18; FY2010: 8, IQR 5, 14), below knee (FY2004: 15, IQR 8, 25; FY2010: 12, IQR 7, 21), and above knee (FY2004: 16, IQR 9, 29; FY2010: 15, IQR 9, 25).
Tax Planning--Applying the MAP could shift the IQR, which would affect certain tax planning strategies pursued by the taxpayer.
42 MG = myasthenia gravis; SD = standard deviation; IQR = interquartile range; QMGS = quantified myasthenia gravis score; BDI-II = Beck Depression Inventory (<13 = minimal; 14-19 = mild; 20-28 = moderate); HAM-A = Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (14-17 = mild; 18-24 = moderate); BPRS = Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (0-31 = mildly ill); YMRS = Young Mania Rating Scale (8-12 = hypomania).
The median concentration and interquartile range (IQR) of HS-TnI (783 ng/L and IQR 40-1289 ng/L versus 8 ng/L and IQR 5-47 ng/L; IQR P < .
44) APACHE = Acute Physiological and Chronic Health Evaluation (10), SD = standard deviation, SOFA = Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (11) excluding Glasgow coma component, IQR = interquartile range, TWA = Time weighted average, CI = confidence interval.
Summary: Early this month, ONE CONNXT facilitated the historic first live programming transmission between Egypt and Jordan for IQR, a Middle [.
81)] Clinical outcomes Admitted 619 (43%) Retractions Absent 540 (39%) Present 844 (61%) Air entry Normal 684 (53%) Abnormal 604 (47%) (a) IQR = interquartile range.
Among the Rota group, the number of bands after clearance of rotavirus infection (Rota-, median 4, IQR 3-8) was not different from the number during rotavirus infection (Rota+).