IR-UWBImpulse-Radio Ultra-Wideband
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Digital IR-UWB pulse generation [8, 9] has been widely studied as a new approach to achieve low power characteristic.
Psaromiligkos, "Time of arrival and power delay profile estimation for IR-UWB systems," Signal Processing, vol.
IR-UWB Transmitter achieves pulse duration of 5 ns for the bandwidth of 500 MHz and consumes 250 Pico Jules/bit energy at 1 Mbps.
Moon, "A fully integrated 3-10 GHz IR-UWB CMOS impulse generator", Microwave Opt.
In this section, we use the analysis provided in Section 3 to compare the performance of cooperative IR-UWB correlation receivers with the optimal and suboptimal templates.
- The IR-UWB uses frequencies in the 7.25-10.25GHz band in Japan, the developed system has been certified by TELEC(4).
Motivated by the properties of IR-UWB as a good candidate for highly accurate ranging and positioning on-body UWB-based WBSNs, we proposed the RRcR ranging technique.
For example, a location detection and tracking of moving targets by a 2D IR-UWB radar system is presented in [9].
IR-UWB. Here interference is by a single transmitter.