IR1Inverted Repeat 1
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Joel Rodriquez (Army)--track (men's IT5 100 meters, 31.49 seconds; men's IT5 200 meters, 57.12 seconds); indoor rowing (men's IR1 4-minute endurance, 504); swimming (men's ISA 100meter freestyle, 4:13.74); wheelchair rugby
Estudos tem demostrado que o teste Yo-Yo IR1 e reprodutivel, discrimina o desempenho de diferentes padroes de jogo e de posicoes em jogadores de futebol alem de se correlacionar com o desempenho executado durante as partidas (Bangsbo e colaboradores, 2008; Krustrup e colaboradores, 2003).
IR1 plans to build biorefineries to convert waste woody biomass into renewable jet and diesel fuels.
Fator Importancia do risco: 1) E realmente irritante fazer uma compra inadequada de participacao na corrida de rua (IR1); 2) Uma escolha ruim nao seria um transtorno para participar da corrida de rua (IR2) e 3) Tenho pouco a perder por escolher mal a participacao em uma corrida de rua (IR3).
Conversely, in the polyhaline regions of the Newport and North Rivers, North Carolina (mean salinity: 31-32), the dominant prey of summer flounder 25-73 mm TL (TL converted to SL) were spionid polychaetes and invertebrate parts (e.g., clam siphons), which together composed ~90% of the total IR1 (%IRI = %N x %F; Burke, 1995).
BRs: The ipsilateral R1 (iR1), ipsilateral R2 (iR2), contralateral R2 (cR2), latency difference between ipsilateral R2 and contralateral R2 (iR2-cR2), latency difference between left R1 and right R1 (LR1-RR1), latency difference between ipsilateral R2s elicited by left and right stimulation (LiR2-RiR2), and latency difference between contralateral R2s elicited by left and right stimulation (LcR2-RcR2) were analyzed.
George, "Aerobic fitness testing in 6- to 9-year-old children: reliability and validity of a modified Yo-Yo IR1 test and the Andersen test," European Journal of Applied Physiology, vol.
Alterations in hematologic and biochemical values included a relative heterophilia (91%; IR1 52%-77%, no reference interval available, hypoproteinemia (3.9 g/dL), hyponatremia (135 mEq/L; IRI 153-161 mEq/L, reference interval 139-168 mEq/L), and hypochloremia (112 mEq/L; IRI 114-121 mEq/L, reference interval 101-131 mEq/L).
"I think I sat down and read one article in this one, and the only reason was because when I opened that very first page, one of the photos was a friend of mine..." (IR1).
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