IR1Inverted Repeat 1
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About IR1 Group IR1 Group LLC, is an experienced project developer currently developing next generation biofuels projects.
Number of genotypes Genotype Number of genotypes Genotype 1 R1 14 Amol 3 2 R2 15 8802 3 Sang Tarom 16 Fajr 4 Neda 17 IR28 5 Nemat 18 IR54 6 Sepidroud 19 IR64 7 Khazar 20 IR50 8 Dasht 21 IR1 9 Sahel 22 IR2 10 R3 23 IR3 11 Anbarbou 24 IR2201 12 Deilamani 25 IR254 13 Shafagh - - Table 2: Means of different traits based on groups which segregated by cluster analysis.
max] obtained in the Yo-Yo IR1 (187 [+ or -] 2) was the same as derived from the treadmill (189 [+ or -] 2), and Dupont et al.
The community forum is available to IRI members via the IR1 website, from the home page, select Collaboration Center, then Community Forum.
Iranians are currently allocated 60 litres of petrol a month at a subsidised rate of IR1,000 ($0.
One businessman was arrested for allegedly borrowing IR1,100 bn to set up a factory but bought real estate instead and refused to pay back his loan.
In 1998, the Irish Turf Club, in their wisdom, granted him a licence to train but the next year they had cause to fine him pounds IR1,000 after two of his winners had been tested positive for a prohibited substance.
Motorists form long queues at gasoline stations, while still digesting last month's price increase from IR800 to IR1,000 (11 US cents) a litre.
On the procedural view, the fairness of IR1 means that Rich is not "harming" Poor, even though there are badly off people in Poor.
The products include single-mode EFM, GE, FC and 2xFC transceivers to support distances from 10 km to 80 km, and OC3, OC12, and OC48 transceivers with various reaches at SR1, IR1, IR2, LR1 and LR2.
The tribunal was established after Mr Haughey admitted at an earlier tribunal that he received more than IR1 million from businessman Ben Den Dunne.
Other weaknesses are an unhealthy reliance on the hydrocarbons industry -- which provides on average 90 per cent of total export earnings and 85 per cent of budget revenues respectively; a dysfunctional banking sector; red tape and legal obstacles to foreign investment; a two-tier exchange rate (the official rate is fixed at IR1,750:$1, while the black-market rate is around IR8,200 to 9,000:$1); rising inflation currently running at between 30-50 per cent; a negative interest rate; low domestic savings; and high unemployment.