IR3Internal Repeat Array (genetics)
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Tax year of finality: The safe harbor for the tax year of finality for children who receive an IR2, IR3 or IR4 visa is either the tax year in which (1) the competent foreign authority enters a decree of adoption or (2) a home state court enters a decree of re-adoption or otherwise recognizes the decree of the foreign-sending country, if that tax year is one of the next two tax years after the one in which the competent authority enters the decree.
MSA Instrument Division has introduced FlameGard[TM] IR3 flame detector, which provides continuous monitoring for hydrocarbon-based fires.
A new cabin for Za Williams already had been built here, to replace that on surrendered Soyandostar IR2 5 50 Extension of Nancut IR3 to include farmlands used by Yecoochee (Portage) Village Band members 6 20 Hayland/pasture, and base for hunting, trapping and fishing 7 100 Potential home sites for Tl'azt'en living in Fort St.
23, 2000, the official Iranian news agency IRNA quoted him as saying he anticipated the company's value would be about IR3.
Epstein-Barr virus transmission via the donor organs in solid organ transplantation: polymerase chain reaction and restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of IR1, IR3 and IR4.
The New Zealand income distribution data were derived from a random sample of 2 per cent of IR3 and IR5 income tax returns filed for 1991.
Powered by up to eight processors and the IR3 graphic system, inferno offers a truly interactive online environment for even the most complex high-resolution HDTV and feature film visual effects work including real-time 2K film playback and 12-bit support.
On the basis of different statistical analysis procedures such as principal component and cluster analysis, we can use root and shoot dry weight traits and also genotypes Dasht, IR254, Sang Tarom, IR50, IR3, Neda, Anbarbou, Khazar, Deilamani, R3, IR1 and IR54 for future breeding program.
Salehi explained that Iran's nuclear scientists are currently testing two advanced models of home-made centrifuges named IR3 and IR4, and added, "Hopefully we can use the new generations of centrifuges by the end of the next (Iranian) year (early 2011) and after removing all flaws and problems.
The jobs will come as part of a pounds IR3 million investment to expand the business, including introducing state-of-the-art fibre optic manufacturing.
With 26 age cohorts for each gender, and assuming the 1991-1993 New Zealand IR5 and IR3 taxpayer population was around 1.