IR3Internal Repeat Array (genetics)
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This experiment included 27 treatments which included all combinations between three irrigations intervals (IR1, IR2, and IR3), three compost rates (C0,C1 and C2) and three active dry yeast treatments (Y0 ,Y1 and Y2) which were arranged in factorial (6 x 4) experiment and split-split plot design with three replicates was used.
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No significant differences were observed between verbal and visual recall/recognition performances for IR-1 (Mann-Whitney test; P = 0.365), iR-2 (Mann-Whitney test; P = 0.293), IR3 (Mann-Whitney test; P = 0.694), and DR (Mann-Whitney test; P = 0.988).
Clinical features vary from asymptomatic cases to oligomenorrhea/amenorrhea/irregular periods, subfertility, first trimester miscarriage, Obesity, Hirsutism, Acne12, Acanthosis nigricans and male pattern alopecia.3 Central obesity and acanthosis nigricans are signs of IR3 in PCOS and also increase the risk of type II diabetes mellitus by 5-10 times.13
With annual budget deficits running at more than 4% of GDP each year, total liquidity rose from IR921 trillion in 2005 to IR3,720 trillion in 2011, or nearly fourfold.
They were two consummate horsemen working as one: their successes included champions Al Bahathri, Indian Skimmer, Soviet Star and Authaal, who fetched Ir3.1 million gns at Goffs in 1984.
(Y/N) IR3 Does your company use an [31, 44, 57, 58] Extranet?
An innovative computer system has been set up by the force, called IR3, which tracks every police car and personal radio to monitor how effectively officers are using their time.
The anterior portion of the wings encompasses all the compartments bounded by the veins Costa (C) and Media anterior (MA) and includes the veins Subcosta (Sc) vein, Pterostigma, Radius and Media (R+M), branches R1-R4 touching the wing margin; the IR2 and IR3 are intercalary veins behind R2 and R3, respectively.
"We are producing new generation of centrifuges named IR3 and IR4 ...
IR1, IR2, and IR3) is diagnostic of odonatopterans and of some palaeodictyopteroideans, notably the calvertiellidaeans (see Bethoux et al., 2007).