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IRAIrish Republican Army
IRAIndividual Retirement Arrangement (IRS)
IRAIndividual Retirement Account
IRAInternational Reading Association
IRAImport Risk Analysis
IRAIndividual Retirement Annuity (life insurance)
IRAIntercollegiate Rowing Association
IRAIndian Reorganization Act
IRAInternal Revenue Allotment (Philippines)
IRAIran Air (ICAO code)
IRAInstitut Régional d'Administration (French: Regional Institute of Administration)
IRAInternational Reference Alphabet (7-bit coded character set)
IRAIllinois Restaurant Association
IRAInterim Remedial Action
IRAInherited Runs Allowed (baseball pitching statistic)
IRAInstitut des Régions Arides (French: Institute of Arid Regions; Tunisia)
IRAInstitute of Resource Assessment (Tanzania)
IRAImport Risk Assessment
IRAIleorectal Anastomosis
IRAIndependent Regulatory Agency
IRAIrregular Repeat-Accumulate (coding scheme)
IRAIndian Removal Act of 1830
IRAIllinois Recycling Association (formerly Illinois Association of Recycling Centers)
IRAInventory Record Accuracy
IRAIntegrated Risk Assessment
IRAImmediate Response Account
IRAInstitut de Recherche Aérospatiale (French)
IRAIndividualized Residential Alternative (New York)
IRAInvestor Rights Agreement
IRAImpulse Radiating Antenna
IRAInstitut de Radiophysique Appliquée
IRAInverness Royal Academy
IRAInformal Rate Agreement
IRAIncubateur Régional d'Aquitaine (French: Aquitaine Regional Incubator; Aquitaine, France)
IRAInstitut de Recherche Agronomique (Cameroon)
IRAInterim Removal Action
IRAInterim Response Action
IRAIndependent Research Agency
IRAInstitutional Research Award (NASA)
IRAInternet Routing Address
IRAInformation Research Associates
IRAInternational Racing Association
IRAIntelligence Related Activity
IRAIndependent Reporting Activity
IRAInformation Requirement Analysis
IRAIndiana Rehabilitation Association
IRAIterative Refinement Algorithm
IRAInternal Revenue Association
IRAInterface Requirements Analysis
IRAIntelligent Reuse Advisor (CASE)
IRAIntercon Research Associates
IRAInitial Request Analysis
IRAInternational Roaming Agreement (telephone networks)
IRAInspection Régionale de l'Agriculture (French: Regional Agriculture Inspection; Senegal)
IRAItem and Release Application
IRAInternational Reiki Alliance
IRAInformation Retrieval for Advertising (workshop)
IRAInterrogation Réponse Aéronautique (French: Aeronautics Interrogation Response; Directorate of Civil Aviation; France)
IRAIndustrial Rope Access
IRAIssue Resolution Agreement
IRAInitial Risk Assessment
IRAInternational Retrovirology Association
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Eighty-five percent of traditional IRAs initiated in 2015 were opened with rollovers, whereas 71% of new Roth IRAs were opened with contributions.
In the case of coins and bullion that may be held by an IRA, those assets must be in the possession of the IRA trustee or custodian to qualify as exceptions to the prohibition on investing in collectibles.
There are two ways to move IRA money to another IRA: directly and indirectly.
If you had two IRA accounts, you could do one rollover from each account in a 365-day period (provided you didn't roll the money distributed from the first IRA into the second IRA).
The most commonly cited planned future uses of IRA withdrawals were to pay for living expenses and cover emergencies.
However, both Paul and Lois can make full aftertax contributions to a traditional IRA for 2012.
If you think a self-directed IRA might be a good option for you, first consult with your CPA and then seek the advice of a financial institution that has trust powers to hold self-directed IRAs.
For single taxpayers, the amount that may be contributed to a Roth IRA is phased out once their modified adjusted gross income is $105,000, and no contributions to a Roth IRA are allowed once their modified adjusted gross income is $120,000.
The following is a strategy to help maximize the value of the IRA when the spouse is the IRA beneficiary named on the traditional IRA.
The self-directed IRA is ideal for individuals who are not comfortable with the ups and downs of the stock market and want more control in directing their IRA dollars.
The taxpayers stated that although there was a direct rollover from Ray's IRA into Charlotte's, she made no additional contributions to the account and never redesignated it as her own.
All accumulated interest, dividends, and capital gains on a traditional IRA are tax-deferred until the money is withdrawn.