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IRACInfrared Array Camera
IRACInfra Red Array Camera
IRACInterdepartment Radio Advisory Committee
IRACIntegrated Resilient Aircraft Control (NASA project)
IRACInteragency Radiological Assistance Committee (US FEMA)
IRACInitial Residual Asphalt Content (road construction material)
IRACIssue, Rule, Application, Conclusion (legal writing)
IRACInterim Rapid Action Change
IRACIndochina Refugee Action Center
IRACInternal Review & Audit Compliance
IRACInternational Radio Advisory Committee
IRACInternal Retrieval Associative Computer (Wonder Woman TV series)
IRACInterim Regional Administrative Conference
IRACIntelligence Resource Advisory Committee
IRACInfrared Area Correlator
IRACIrregular Repeat-Accumulate Code
IRACInternational Radio Advisory Council
IRACInternational Requirements and Criteria
IRACInstitut Royal de l'Afrique Centrale (French)
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There is no reason to do this to these four young women," Steven Beck of the IRAC told JTA.
To avoid this result, excise every word in your brief, including in the statement of facts and the enunciation of the legal rule in your IRAC recitation, that spins the facts or the law.
Unlike IRAC, Raday is not affiliated with a particular religious stream and was therefore deemed a more appropriate representative for the multi-denominational group.
In 2007 IRAC submitted a petition to the High Court on behalf of five women with the Ministry of Transport, Egged and Dan bus companies as the defendants.
As this paragraph, throwing IRAC and grammar to the wind, flails.
Anales VIII Simposio Internacional de Reproduccion Animal IRAC, Cordoba.
Loan loss provision of ` 2,162 crore made during the quarter includes ` 449 crore made in excess of IRAC norms to enable the bank to reach a provision cover ratio of 62.
IRAC is an independent, quasijudicial tribunal operating under the authority of the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission Act.
So IRAC has all the observing time in Spitzer's new "warm mission.
In 2003, the workload avoided because changes to the IETM are managed centrally by VFS was equivalent to over 860,000 page changes (IRACs multiplied by the typical number of pages per IRAC, multiplied by the number of manual owners).
IRAC noted that approximately 97 percent of public funding for Jewish cultural and educational activities goes to Orthodox Jewish organizations, despite IRAC's estimate that non-Orthodox Jewish institutions account for approximately 20 percent of all Jewish cultural activities.
But in June the IRAC deferred action on WGU's application for six months.