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IRAFInternational Romani Art Festival
IRAFImage Reduction and Analysis Facility
IRAFInstitut de Recherches Agronomiques et Forestieres (Cameroon)
IRAFImmediate Reinitiation of Atrial Fibrillation (cardiology)
IRAFInteractive Data Reduction and Analysis Facility
IRAFInformation Requirements And Flow
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Luego, mediante la tarea TELLURIC de IRAF se procedio a dividir los espectros interpolados por el espectro original de la galaxia y manualmente se dispuso a eliminar las absorciones desplazando sutilmente la longitud de onda.
Earlier this year, a senior IRAF commander stressed that the country's fighter jets are now capable of conducting operations in all weather and climate conditions after new navigation systems were mounted on all Air Force fighters.
We took almost 900 CCD images and carefully processed and measured them with IRAF.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Lieutenant Commander of the Islamic Republic Air Force General Aziz Nasirzadeh warned enemies to avoid aggression against Iran, saying the IRAF is fully prepared to give a crushing response to any possible attack.
Professionals must use other programs, such as IRAF, to combine images in order to maintain the relative intensity values.
IRAF is also reportedly testing its home-made drones in the drills.
A professional data-analysis program such as IRAF running on a computer using the Unix or Linux operating system is one route to take.
Data from the Hubble Space Telescope is also analyzed with a system based on IRAF.