IRAHInfrared Active Homing
IRAHInformation Retrieval: Algorithms and Heuristics (university course)
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The article states that "Eliminating mixing of hot and cold airstreams...." IRAHs do not eliminate recirculation from hot to cold aisles or short circuiting of IRAH supply air to IRAH return.
However, the physical placement of IRAH along with functionality of control algorithms does effectively reduce mixing.
The article does not discuss IRAH fan control sequences.
Tsing's conclusions are fascinating: in refusing to present themselves as victims of these foreign men, Tani, Uma Hati and Irah can make their travels work for them.
The eldest in the family, Irah is a Grade 7 student of the Bocboc National High School.
The reader should be cautioned that architectures using CAHU and CRAH equipment have lower sensible heat ratios than the IRAH, and likely require additional energy consumption to maintain space humidity requirements.
The theoretical data center load of 0.75 MW would require 30 IRAH units, adding an additional 30.6 kW fan power plus 10.2 kW chilled water pump power above and beyond the 750 kW IT and lighting load.
The annual electrical cost of three cooling architectures: IRAH, CRAH, and CAHU are given respectively $139,572, $201,878, and $197,211 (at $0.10/kWh).
'The water was too strong,' said Irah, the mother of a six-year-old child as she dug through a pile of rubble with her bare hands, close to the spot where she last saw her son.
Cherished husband of Irah, treasured dad of Gillian, Kathleen, Ian and Simon, dear father-in-la ther-in-la ther w of Jim, Brian, Jane and Gill, much loved grandad of Lorraine, James, Jane, Alastair and Emma, greatgrandad of James, Harry and Scarlett, lett, let dearly loved Brother, Brother-in-la other-in-la other w and uncle.
With all my everlasting love, Irah. x TAYLERSON TA ROBERT GEOFFREY Dad Dad, you have fought a hard battle bat but couldn't carry on.