IRALInstant Refund Anticipation Loan (IRS)
IRALInitial Relative Accumulation Level (breast cancer research)
IRALInternational Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching
IRALIntelligent Robotics and Automation Laboratory (University of Athens; Athens, Greece)
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His eerie perspective soaring over the rooftops impressed judges of the AV: IRAL contest and beat hundreds of entries from the region's universities.
We obtained full-length Try-2 and GAPD cDNA clones from American Type Culture Collection and MMP2, MMP7, MMP9, uPA, uPAR, and MSH2 clones from the Incyte Genomics IRAL cDNA clone library (Incyte Genomics).
George Yule 1982 "A return to fundamentals in the teaching of intonation", IRAL 20/3: 228-32.