IRALInternational Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching
IRALIntelligent Robotics and Automation Laboratory (University of Athens; Athens, Greece)
IRALInstant Refund Anticipation Loan (IRS)
IRALInitial Relative Accumulation Level (breast cancer research)
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The 25-year-old, who began his degree as a painter but switched to photography and video, said: "The theme of AV: IRAL was Broadcast, so I started looking at the city that exists above people's heads - a city of satellite dishes and telephone wires.
We obtained full-length Try-2 and GAPD cDNA clones from American Type Culture Collection and MMP2, MMP7, MMP9, uPA, uPAR, and MSH2 clones from the Incyte Genomics IRAL cDNA clone library (Incyte Genomics).
2001) : "An Assessment of Paralinguistic Demands within Present-day Cross-cultural Foreign Language Teaching", IRAL.
Thus, IRAL was started in 1996 to serve as a forum for reporting the state-of-the-art and/or state-of-the-practice research and development efforts in IR technology for Asian languages.
1998) "The Role of Interlanguage in Foreign Language Teaching", IRAL, 36/1, 1-10.
George Yule 1982 "A return to fundamentals in the teaching of intonation", IRAL 20/3: 228-32.