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IRANInspect, Repair As Necessary
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During the war, both Iran and Iraq depended heavily on Turkey as the only secure transit route, which allowed Turkey to capture a major share of the rapidly expanding transit market of the region.
But Pollack tackles America's tangle with Iran on its own--in all its frustrating complexity--leaving a reader enlightened yet, given the stakes involved and the lack of attractive policy options available, also frightened.
Iran says it is developing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, but Israel refuses to believe this and accuses it of preparing to build nuclear weapons.
A clear love of Iran and its hospitable people, despite the country's ubiquitous "Death to America" mantra, shines through in Ward's writing, but the book lacks the incisiveness of two other traveler-in-Iran books this reviewer has reviewed for KLIATT.
By December 1989, Iran had revived its national family planning program.
No statement about Khordadian was forthcoming from the Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations, Iran's only official presence in the United States.
During the protest, Enzo Viscusi, Senior Adviser from Eni, spoke to UANI and Iran 180 and read a statement indicating that Eni will end its business in Iran.
Nimr's execution had spurred Iranian demonstrators into ransacking the Saudi embassy in Tehran, prompting several Saudi allies to break off diplomatic ties with Iran.
Regional Chairman of the FPCCI Horticulture Exports, Ahmad Jawad said despite the increase in trade, bilateral trade with Iran composed of just 2.
The Minister was chairing a meeting with State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and private banks for exploring the banking channels available for trade with post-sanction Iran.
After the USSR's collapse, Iran continued trying to establish good economic and other relations with Russia, even though Yeltsin and his close collaborators--especially his first foreign minister, Andrei Kozyrev--saw Iran and its Islamist ideology as a major threat to Russia.
Garilidis said his country is not importing any oil from Iran at present, "but we are very hopeful about the future".