IRBCInfected Red Blood Cell
IRBCIrish Rare Birds Committee (est. 1971)
IRBCImmigration and Refugee Board of Canada
IRBCIowa Regular Baptist Camp
IRBCInternational Rule Book Committee (est. 1996)
IRBCIterative Robin Boundary Condition
IRBCIndividual Red Blood Cell
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These allow iRBC adherence to vascular endothelium that protects from clearance of the parasites by spleen [38].
The compartmental model assumes seven interacting populations of sporozoites S(t), susceptible hepatocytes H(t), infected hepatocytes [H.sub.X](t), susceptible red blood cells (RBCs) R(t), infected red blood cells (IRBCs) [R.sub.X](t), merozoites M(t), and macrophages Z(t) at any time t.
Another portion of the IRBC literature examines the impact of higher trade share on the comovement of business cycles, including Backus and Crucini (2000), Kose and Yi (2001), Kose and Yi (2006), Burstein, Kurz, and Tesar (2008), and Betas, Johnson, and Yi (2010).
Standard international real business cycle (IRBC) models cannot reproduce this fact when calibrated using conventional parameterizations.
Household preference parameters are based on national accounts data from each country/region and parameters widely used in the IRBC literature (see Backus, Kehoe, and Kydland [1995] and Baxter [1995] for surveys of this literature).
49 L) infected red blood cells (iRBCs), as previously described [14].
Of 57 retired employees of what is now known as the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (IRBC), eight of them are being paid a pension of more than [euro]100,000.
Rocket Man aka Michael Noonan should understand that deferring the infamous promissory note via IRBC, Nama, the Bank of Ireland and the ECB is not really addressing the issue.
In that case the IRBC is trying to have the former billionaire businessman's Northern bankruptcy annulled after he declared himself bankrupt there last month.
Mr Quinn accepts that he owes IRBC, which is 100% owned by the taxpayer, around EUR194million in property loans which he cannot repay.