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IRBMIntermediate-Range Ballistic Missile
IRBMIntegrated River Basin Management
IRBMIntegrated Results Based Management System (Malaysia)
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19) This large AES was used successfully in exploratory work on blunt body copper heatsink designs meant for use on the shorter range and substantially lower heat regime IRBM missiles with reentry speeds of 15,000 feet per second.
The IRBM target uses the company's Orion family of solid rocket motors, originally designed for the air-launched Pegasus space launch vehicle.
In October 1959, it was arranged to place fifteen Jupiter IRBMs in Turkey, with the Turkish government agreeing to keep the armaments sovereign to the US and to keep the negotiations and acceptance of the missiles secret from the Turkish nation.
Standard nomenclature categorizes missiles with a range of less than 1,000 km as SRBMs, 1,000-3,000 km as MRBMs, 3,000-5,500 km as IRBMs, and in excess of 5,500 km as ICBMs.
The SS-5 Skean was NATO's name for the Soviet R-14 IRBM capable of reaching San Francisco from its western Cuban platforms.
cities hostage and built a number of IRBMs to threaten U.
Today, while the Russian Soyuz and American Atlas and Titan carry on as direct descendants of the early ICBMs, they are accompanied by Delta (an IRBM derivative but later vehicles with the same name are wholly new) the air-launched Pegasus, and a whole suite of ex-Soviet vehicles able to launch both smaller and larger robotic spacecraft beyond LEO.
This was decided so that some commonality of research and technology could be applied to both battlefield and IRBM systems.
An IRBM freeze would have locked in a huge Soviet numerical advantage and was viewed as an attempt to retard the process of deployment in the West.
In 1954 the British minister of supply, Duncan Sandys, concluded an agreement with the Americans which gave Britain the chance to acquire American missile technology and begin a programme to produce an IRBM codenamed Blue Streak.
This could allow North Korea to develop an IRBM with a range of several thousand kilometers.