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IRCCIndian River Community College (Fort Pierce, Florida)
IRCCIndustrial Research & Consultancy Centre (Bombay, India)
IRCCInter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circle (Singapore)
IRCCInter-Regional Coordinating Committee
IRCCInterior Radiation Control Coating (ASTM - non-thickness dependent, low emittance coating)
IRCCInternational Record Collectors' Club (est. 1932)
IRCCiRural Community Consortium (Singapore)
IRCCImport Rebate Credit Certificate (Motor Industry Development Programme; South Africa)
IRCCIrish Raleigh Chopper Club (Ireland)
IRCCInternational Resources for Computers & Communications
IRCCIntrusion Resistant Communications Cable
IRCCInternational Revival Christian Center (Surrey, British Columbia, Canada)
IRCCIron Range Christian Center (Ironton, MN)
IRCCIle de Ré Cricket Club (Ile de Ré, France)
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The statement which was extended to Sudan Tribune stressed the SPLM-N also handed the Sa'ihoon and the IRCC over another list including 22 names of mining workers who have been held in areas under its control in the Blue Nile.
Suleiman Abdul-Rahman said that the IRCC is still requiring consultation and negotiation with the government relevant bodies (The Commission and the Foreign Ministry) to reach a reconciled agreement to continue its activities in Sudan, adding that the failure of IRCC to meet the state directives of the humanitarian work compelled us to suspend its activity till to reach understandings in this regard.
The medical team made up of one surgeon, one anesthetist and two finnish nurses will join the first IRCC team who are already there.
Bryant, Chairman 1952-1955, "The Activities of the International Relations Board, 1952-1956," IRCC, Box 6, Folder: IRB Reports 1942-1957.
The research process included a list of potential sites to visit so that our designers and IRCC administrators could see firsthand what others were doing and to engage in constructive dialogues regarding everything from teaching and learning concepts to engineering jargon.
IRCC, ISO, and CIB are very active in building regulatory issues, development and drafting of technical standards, and technology development, respectively.
In the last several months, the IRCC found several high-profile companies either venturing to the country for the first time or increasing their initial investment.
The initial phase of the Dervish IRCC plant in Karaman, Turkey, was announced in June and is based on GE's breakthrough FlexEfficiency* 50 combined-cycle technology.
He currently serves as associate professor at the Department of Oncology at the University of Torino as well as Director, Laboratory of Molecular Genetics at The Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment, IRCC (TO), Italy.
The 2014 IRCC will include the following timely topics: Dr.
On the other hand, Berri received the Middle East' s Operations Director at the Red Cross, Beatrice Megevand-Roggo, and the IRCC head on Lebanon George Cominos.